Where Does Intuition Come From?

After a successful manned lunar landing, Apollo 14 astronaut, Edgar Mitchell experienced an overwhelming sense of universal connectedness. From his fellow astronauts to earth and the entire cosmos itself, Mitchell believed that everything was part of a deliberate universal process. He has since documented experiments in ESP.

Where does intuition and the ability to be heavily guided in our choices, and thus our destiny, come from? Some people might say that expansive thinking comes from specific creative areas in parts of the brain. But what are those creative areas attached or wired to? I am certainly not the only one to suggest that intuition does not come from the brain, but rather it’s facilitated by the brain. The brain activates or is spurred on to what is called thought. We can see this in the graphs of thermography. We can see a matrix of synapses going on in the brain. A synapse is the active process of electromagnetic signals going through neural pathways within the brain. They happen at lightening speed and from many areas of the brain. The brain is simply processing what it is receiving from somewhere else.

The function of the brain is to facilitate staying alive. It can keep us breathing and give us basic survival skills, learn how to drive a car, or reproduce. However, it won’t go into the flights of fantasy and creativity you would need to sculpt, paint, write poetry or music. It doesn’t understand our connection to our spirituality or to Source/God. So, where does one access creativity, and where does spirituality come from?

Much of what we consider intuitive or creative comes from the little nut sized pineal gland located in the center of the brain. This gland has atrophied over thousands of years from what was once walnut-sized, to pea sized in most of us. Why is this? Several reasons. We don’t need intuition to understand there’s a saber-toothed tiger skulking around our cave. It has also been sadly rendered almost useless by factors such as the toxicity in our environment and fluoride in the water system which calcifies the gland.

* If you’re interested in how to de-calcify the pineal gland, please leave a comment and a way to respond to you, if I don’t have your address.

We have an invisible connection to source. But we also have an overlay we don’t recognize in our brain, which is our connection to worlds apart from the one we experience with our five senses, and the one which keeps us in survival mode.

Our intuition is starting to grow as humanity evolves into new states of being. Our pineal gland is actually sending out significant insights to process at a greater frequency. Can you sense it? It’s not that the brain is getting more razor sharp. It still remains our very reliable survival organ. But, watch as your intuition becomes stronger and stronger. Watch as things begin to shift for the better, and people in your surroundings seem to be more conscious. We are in the most evolutionary phase of our growth since the Renaissance, and in a sense we are undergoing a re-birth of our spirituality.

If you would like further information on the brain and spirituality, check out top people in the human potential field such as John Assaraf, and Dr. Wayne Dyer and or a website like http://spiritlibrary.com where you can find impacting articles on spirituality and brain plasticity to name some topics.


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