Transhumanism – the New Biological Human

Now, here’s an interesting topic to get your head around – Transhumanism. We know what a transvestite, is and what a transsexual is, but have we really considered what a Transhuman is?

When we think back, the idea of Transhumanism was introduced to our consciousness about twenty years ago with certain movies about robots, cyborgs, and artificial intelligence.

Transhumanism is defined as an international, cultural and intellectual movement with an eventual goal of fundamentally transforming the human condition by making available technologies that greatly enhance human intellectual, physical, and psychological capacities. Many transhumanists believe in the compatibility between human mind and computer hardware. Sounds good on paper, but when you think about it, what is implied, is that human consciousness can be transferred to alternate media which is also known as mind-uploading. Would you like your mind uploaded into a cyborg? Think about the ramifications. It has the same feeling as cloning – at least to me. Some of your genetics are used to make a duplicate copy of yourself, but do they take a fragment of your soul as well? Well, I doubt it. It’s a real ethical dilemma.

Since the science of the soul and the consciousness functions of the spiritual bodies have not as yet been discovered by scientists, this idea of cloning and transhumanism has extremely destructive consequences to human consciousness and the electro-magnetic function of the lightbody. You may beg to differ and if so, make a comment.

In the future, post humans could be completely synthetic, artificial intelligence, a symbiosis of human and artificial intelligence, or uploaded consciousness which obviously has extremely destructive consequences.

Consider some of the movies from the late 1990’s to today. And, I’m only using a few examples. There are at least twenty!

A.I. Artificial Intelligence which was a British Sci-Fi movie from 2001 about an advanced cybertronic humanoid capable of projecting love. That’s sweet!

Then, there was Stanley Kubrick’s iconic film, 2001: A Space Odyssey where a team of astronauts is on a mission to Jupiter with most of the craft’s operations controlled by the sentient computer, HAL. HAL speaks in a soft monotone while killing the crew! Nasty computer.

How about I Robot made in 2004 with Will Smith as a technophobic Chicago cop. He suspected a servant droid called Sonny had gone rogue and pushed its owner from a 50th floor window. A full robot uprising soon ensued. Again, Nasty Robots.

And, my last example, because I’m trying to prove a point here, is the 2015, Ex Machina. Here, the protagonist must participate in a strange experiment by evaluating the human qualities of a new breed of A.I.’s

Now, this may sound like sci-fi but the advancements in de-humanizing the population through A.I. is upon us. Food for thought.

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