Why Me?

Okay, by now we realize no matter what we do, how we think, or how we live our lives, there’s no way to avoid problems. Problems are a normal and natural part of life, and represent the difference between where you are and where you want to be. We can look at them as signposts. There will always be a gap between where we are in any situation, and where we want to be as our lives are about solving problems.

It’s almost guaranteed every time we solve a problem, another one will crop up. What got me going on this theme, was reading the news about all the people in California who have lost their homes due to the fires. That’s only one small example of what could be deemed a tragedy because some people spend their lives in physical pain, some in poverty and some in abject despair. Then there are others who have enormous vitality and more money than they know what to do with.

On the surface, it would seem life is unfair. In our personal lives, most of the time we’ll find things will not go as we anticipate, and people will not live up to our expectations of what is fair or unfair. Often, it seems the world is a dark place, and appears to be chaotic. Some people think “life’s a bitch, then you die”! For those it’s desperate straits, it sure seems that way.

In studying quantum physics, one finds most of what we see as disorder is actually chaotic order. QP tells us chaos, the actual process of disorder, is normal and natural. When things seem out of control, it’s normal to ask, Why Me? Why him or her? What now? Dr. Robert Anthony, author and human potential speaker explains in his book, How to Make the Impossible Possible, “the event is not happening to you, it’s just happening. Your experience of living through the destruction is your personalization of the event. Did you die, were you financially ruined forever? Probably not.”   He also tells us the library is filled with books about individuals rising out of despair. The despair caused them to change, and in retrospect, they were thankful for their experience. He says, “it doesn’t mean they want to go through it again. It means they have learned more about themselves, and are stronger and wiser for the experience.”

The key is not to personalize every challenge or problem in life by assuming something is happening to you. Each time you ask, Why Me? you assume you are a victim of circumstances, people or conditions.


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