Have You Been Feng Shui-ed Lately?

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese art which refers to the natural surroundings, and how they can be manipulated to produce a healthy environmental balance. Feng Shui is also used to energetically help you bring in the things you want most in life, whether they be more financial abundance (and who doesn’t want that!), a better working environment, or even a more harmonious relationship.

The reason I’m bringing this subject up, is that I’ve been particularly aware of this invisible flow of energy, which brings a life force with it, as I look for a second home in North Carolina. As I enter these potential habitats, I have been training myself to feel the energy as it flows, or doesn’t flow, through the rooms. This has been my experiment, as I remind myself if I feel a negative chi flow due to a narrow doorway or hallway, which causes a state of negative chi to be created. Or, I check for sharp corners and angles which is said to escalate arguments, business difficulties, and general bad luck.

Naturally, I was imagining how I could fix these problems as I viewed the five or six places I visited. The anecdote for the last misaligned energy I stated above, according to Feng Shui experts, is to hang crystals, place live plants, or display auspicious paintings or hangings.

Certainly, I tested this formidable Chinese art out in my apartment in New York, where I lived for many years before moving to London. In fact, I hired a Feng Shui expert to assess the damage, as things were stagnating from a faltering business to a non-existent love life.

The movement of some of my furniture, including my bed with one side against the wall (a very bad omen as the “other” person cannot gain access to the floor from the wall side), plus the inclusion of plants and a gurgling water feature seemed to do the trick. Additionally, a sensual lithograph of a satyr chasing a voluptuous female nude, (how obvious can you get), prominently displayed in my boudoir worked wonders!

Okay, this is all about energy, and I’m all about the proper use of energy in our lives. Nothing can flourish and prosper without a good supply of smoothly flowing Chi (energy). It courses through our veins and is tapped into by acupuncture, so why not our living or work environments?

If you have any interesting Feng Shui anecdotes to share, I’d love to hear them so please do comment.

Check out the 5 Elements of Basic Feng Shui online if you are interested.


2 thoughts on “Have You Been Feng Shui-ed Lately?

  1. Great intro to Feng Shui! When I look at places to rent, and when I last purchased a condo, I used Feng Shui extensively. According to the Chinese, there’s other kinds of “luck”, so if we can help the Chi in our environment, then the other lucks may be helped as well.


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