Compassionate Choices

There are situations where, when given the current circumstances, it looks like there is no action or thought that will make a significant enough difference to change the outcome that seems to be coming in at a landslide.

One such landslide is the huge mass immigration problem which seems to be spinning out of control. Most of us have been listening to the news and reading about the latest statistics concerning immigrants who are politically oppressed and most often traumatized – those who are trying to make their way over the borders of many countries, including the US and the EU, to freedom. Countries who are receiving these immigrants have an out of control situation on their hands.

True heroes of countries under financial meltdown, government chaos and / or genocide, stay in their countries and apply their skills to help. They do not run from the danger and anarchy, but remain to help make changes.

The World Bank offers some truly mind-reeling statistics. 5.6 billion people in the world live in abject poverty and earn less than $2 per day. The elite point of view is if stable countries take one million immigrants per year, we are helping world poverty. However, mass immigration can’t reduce poverty. In fact, it makes things worse, as it wears down the natural resources and social structures of the receiving countries. Naturally, immigrants deserve our humanitarian compassion, but we have to think of other ways to help them.

It seems the only rational and compassionate choice would be to send financial aid and educational resources to help these people get back on their feet. Change has to come from within.


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