An Expanding Universe

Human consciousness has no succinct definition, but according to some respected leaders in the human potential field, approximately one percent of humanity has had a conscious awakening. It’s probably more lately. This is due to the fact that our solar system has been traveling through increasingly high vibrational frequency zones for decades. The universe is expanding, including us, and “as the high frequencies increase and become more refined, all that is within this energy also becomes lighter and more expanded. This is happening in our consciousness, and we will have the opportunity of creating a deeper awareness of how we are all interconnected.” (The Vibe Report, Sept. 15, 2015 a message from Nancy Leilah Ward) There are enough awake people now who can hold and anchor the high frequencies.

Most of us explain things only from what we know, not what we don’t know. We have had to struggle to find formulas which will explain things in a context we understand. The world has been described to us through other people’s filters. Even the history of the earth isn’t true, and in the process we understand nothing is real. But, something remarkable is happening.

We have reached the point where this new consciousness has been received by tens of thousands of humans. We can see it happening all over the world as people refuse to live in submission to tyrannical governments, draconian rules, and financial crackdowns. Many are pushing the envelope that will affect all humanity. In order to do this we must understand that we can control what happens on the planet by controlling our own consciousness. It’s almost an exponential revolution that builds on itself.

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