Fundamental Innocence

Since most of the world is aware of the Pope’s visit to various cities in the U.S., I felt it was timely to bring up something that insinuates itself into my mind from time to time – the idea of guilt and recrimination.

In his address to Congress, Pope Francis benevolently accused its members of sitting on their butts (and I paraphrase of course) regarding climate change, and looking the other way regarding the crashing economy and the dire straits millions of people are experiencing financially.

I wonder how members of Congress sleep at night. I wonder if they take the religious image of “burning in hell forever” to heart when they go home after a day of lapsing ethics and psychological, mental, and spiritual impotence. Naturally, I won’t accuse all members of Congress of this malaise, but very few stand out as honorable and authentic as it would seem.  I wonder if the individuals who are members of Congress, and may I add all politicians and media people who are swayed by greed and ego, have a bit of anxiety, guilt, and shame about their poor decisions. Is it possible they experience self-condemnation?

I believe that God / Source guarantees our fundamental innocence, and God’s will is to make us aware of our mistakes, not punish us for them. It’s the ego that sets us up to do the wrong thing, and then punishes us savagely for having done so.

So, here’s the point, and you may or may not agree. The road to happiness is not determined by the mistakes we make along the way, but what paves the way to happiness is whether or not we turn our mistakes into catalysts for personal growth and illumination. We are in those times (see planetary ascension articles and blogs including those of Lisa Renee, Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer, Marianne Williamson) when we have to account for our actions.  Are you listening all those people with authority and influence who are making really bad decisions for the majority of us?


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