Paradox of the Media

I was thinking about the idea of violence in all forms of media which seems pervasive, and is probably on the rise. There certainly is a tendency in the news media to thrive on negative news. The worse things get, the more excited the presenters become, and viewers can become caught in a negative spiral.

Today, while in the movies, I had to turn my head aside to prevent myself from looking at the violent trailers I was exposed to. Does violence in the media beget more violence? In certain instances it does as it especially entrains young and immature minds to act out. But, there’s another way to look at violence which could have positive consequences.

If films show violence in its wider context, and if they were to show its origin and its consequences (cause and effect), and show the collective unconsciousness that lies behind it, our intake might be a lot different.

Take as an example the suppression of the feminine principle over the past 2,000 years which has enabled the ego to gain absolute supremacy in the collective human psyche. Not only have women undergone unimagined torture and physical violence, but the suppression of women’s status into being solely child-bearers and men’s property was also part of this insanity. More of this type of abuse of women in the media, and in the music industry, can fulfill a very necessary function in humanity’s awakening. I’ll paraphrase one of the truly great thinkers and spiritual teachers of the 21st century, Eckhart Tolle. He explains in his book, A New Earth, that violence can act as a mirror in which humans can see their own insanity. When we recognize madness as madness (even if it’s our own), then this is a sure sign that we are sane! This arising awareness is the end of insanity.

When violence is shown as normal or even a desirable behavior, or when it is glorified with the purpose of generating negative emotion in the viewer, then we are on a slippery slide.


3 thoughts on “Paradox of the Media

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  2. Thanks Bernie for your spiritually enriching comment. Many of us are waking up to the truth in your last sentence and feeling it as opposed to giving it ‘lip service.’


  3. Yes, even in the extreme, when we recognize that the atrocities of war have that “mirror effect” then we are growing in awareness and have the opportunity to create our own spirals of kindness and tranquility and peace. Everything is Source and Source is in everything so what kind of energy do we want to be right now – today?


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