Free Will

Isn’t free will great?  We can choose what set of ideas and beliefs we want to experience in our reality. We can decide which ones limit us the most, and which lessons we need to learn. That would be the ideal way to change our lives – the awareness that we can use our free will, and a little creativity to alter our circumstances.  Do we choose to take the path that is littered with obstacles, and often failure, or choose the path most freeing to us emotionally and spiritually? It is always our free will choice to change our circumstances for the better.

If you want to believe everything in life is random, nothing means anything, and therefore life means nothing, then by all means choose the road to unhappiness and defeat. But, on the other hand, if you understand there is a God Source consciousness field which is eternal, and ultimately we come from there and go back there, we are making our lives meaningful, and empowering ourselves through this understanding, and because of  this, we are  making more elevated choices. Our choices can then have a very beneficial ripple effect on others.

Life is a reflection of our own beliefs and points of view. Our beliefs shape our experience – we are free to shape our experience anyway we want. If you think you are unlucky or accident prone, and things are out of control, you will be plagued by misfortune.  Is it really bad luck, or are you just living out your beliefs? It’s your free will choice to change the outcome, and understand we are not the victim of circumstance, but captain of our own ship.

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