Emotional Wormholes

I was at an educational and very uplifting workshop this weekend, which was actually more like a boot camp. It was given by a dynamo named Lisa Sasevich who is known to be the Queen of Sales Conversion. She teaches people how to Speak- to-Sell using multiple elements such as creating teleseminars, videos, podcasts and live presentations. The reason I bring this up, is not necessarily to plug her. Although, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to check her out at www.LisaSasevich.com. That is, if you have a message you want to deliver and get paid the big bucks for!

In her presentation, Lisa referred to life’s wormholes. Certainly, it was a figure of speech, although we can all get a visceral feeling about a wormhole – not the kind that worms burrow into. We even have an active one in the center of the Milky Way Galaxy that tends to suck in random objects, including planets. It’s anyone’s guess where or if they are spit out at another location in the solar system or galaxy.

Emotional wormholes are glitches in our lives that need to be addressed. They are not necessarily a bad thing, rather they are reminders that we have gone off course and it’s up to us to right our ship so we can breeze into port.

Some signs that you are in a wormhole:

  • Something happens to you that you perceive as negative, and you feel like a failure.
  • Your reaction to the failure is bigger than the event that caused it.
  • You feel like God is giving you more than you can handle. Even Mother Theresa made a comment along those lines.
  • You don’t see the bigger picture but you suspect it’s there.
  • You are considering giving up your mission.
  • Your old tools for coping with things are not working; not even the tools you teach others.

There’s a simple and practical answer to this state of affairs if you resonate to any of the above.

Reach out to mentors or good friends to get you through. Make sure you have a support system in place and allow yourself to receive love. Sounds like a plan to me.


One thought on “Emotional Wormholes

  1. Hi Laurie. I never thought of glitches in life as “emotional wormholes”. Thanks for including a list. I’ve been living each item on it for years. Thanks for the suggestions to get through 😉


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