The Blueprint

Imagine the challenge of changing our world so we can live in peace and prosperity, and turn history around. Imagine we are set upon a new path of evolution. That’s what many people will be trying to accomplish as government representatives, economists, environmentalists, scientists, and strategic thinkers converge in Paris at the beginning of December. They will be meeting to discuss ways to head off environmental and economic collapse among other things I’m not privy to. It will take some kind of miracle to make this jump but miracles do happen. Ironically, as the excitement has been building about this upcoming conference, the heinous acts of terrorism masterminded by ISIS just took place and claimed many innocent lives.

What quantum leap will transition us from these acts of terrorism perpetuated by people with the most dense level of consciousness? How can we miraculously end these horrendous acts of aggression and expunge the thought forms of hate embedded in these people that are so lost and far from understanding love and compassion.

Perhaps we all need to pray for the success of the Paris conference, and perhaps we should call on God in our prayers to help us come up with the answers to the many problems that confront society today. There is a blueprint for our salvation and we all must look into our hearts to find it.

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