Find Your Blessing

Isn’t it interesting that if you asked most people if they’ve discovered their true purpose in life, call it their blessing, they would shake their head no, or really have to think about it. Even though these people may be satisfied with their jobs, relationships, perceived status in the world, you get the impression that there is still something missing.

Finding your blessing or true purpose is transformative. It’s something that you were uniquely qualified for, and perhaps you’ve been doing it in some form your entire life. Tim Kelley, author of “True Purpose” found on Amazon writes: “Your blessing is when your essence moves into action. Think of it like this. You are a catalyst, a facilitator of some process. You do this process with those around you, probably unconsciously. Certain people need your process and they are actually drawn to you and you to them. The process is pervasive.”

So, what he’s saying is that you’ve unconsciously shed your particular blessing in every job you’ve ever had and in every significant relationship. When you feel most successful and most fulfilled, you are actually doing your blessing and it’s the key to finding the right job, because it will help you understand which career path is the best choice, and which individual would make the most authentic companion.

How do you access your blessing if you feel you haven’t found it? According to Kelley, there is a simple technique with striking results. He claims 75% of people who do it, get results. Try it if you’re curious. You have nothing to lose. He calls it the Active Imagination Technique. It is a two way written dialogue with your Trusted Source, God. You can also call it your guide or your Higher Self. All you do is ask questions and your own Trusted Source gives answers. You can even stop going to psychics and Tarot Card readers!

When I first learned of it, it reminded me of the book “Conversations with God” where Neale Donald Walsch began his back and forth manuscript-like conversations with God. Once you remove your skepticism, and your healthy human psyche resisting change, you might actually be able to write down the answers to your questions

You can start by saying, “Hello, God/Source/Lord/Higher Self.”

You might get an answer back such as I did:   “Well, what took you so long?”

My response: “Holy Moly, This is more than I expected!”

So sit quietly with a pen and paper. Try slowing your breathing for a few minutes and let your mind go blank and then start asking questions.

You may find that the more you ask questions and start acting on the guidance, the more you realize the conversations are very real.


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