Staying in Good Health

In my November 23rd blog, I wrote about architectural alignment, and how the movement of energy, or chi, in your home impacts your life. I am always fascinated by this topic, and having just visited my acupuncturist to ameliorate symptoms of a sinus condition and an imbalance of one of the four major elements, “water”, I felt compelled to write more on the subject.

As most of us know, the ancient Chinese art of acupuncture is about a network of energy lines that run like a super highway through the body. Acupuncture is based on the balancing of these energy flows. The main technique is to put hair-like needles into specific access points that exist throughout the network. The needles adjust the flow of energy to bring it into balance. Too much or too little chi or energy in the flow can cause a disruption in the organs of the body.

A recent study discovered that the slower the energy passed through the body’s energy line network, the more illness ensued. When it was flowing at optimal speed and balance, the person was in good health. An analogy would be to a computer. When the computer is running slowly and the information is not being communicated quickly enough to make it work at the necessary speed and efficiency, we are frustrated and usually have a tech problem. If it were human, we might say it wasn’t well, or perhaps it has a virus, poor thing! If we pick up a computer virus / malware through hacking and rogue interference, it scrambles the networks and causes serious malfunctions.

I would compare this to the body’s computer and its vast superhighway of meridians and energy points. When we have a disease or imbalance, whether caused by chemical, electrical or emotional reasons, we are disturbed by rogue information that leads it to misread the normal program. This mis-information can manifest as pain, fatigue and a host of unpleasant ailments. However, it is only the physical sign that something is wrong. On the level of energetic information, the virus can de-stabilize our body’s communication so much that the computer won’t turn on anymore.. As far as the human computer goes, we could say it has ceased to function well. And in extreme conditions, we could say, it is dead!

Stay healthy over the New Year and be aware of signs that let you know your energy network is corrupted. I so believe in acupuncture for healing the mind / body / spirit, but naturally there are many other excellent modalities. This is not an advertisement for my acupuncturist, but if you live in the Sarasota area, and need an excellent one, please send me a request for his name. More on this topic should you respond with a question or show an interest in the subject.


One thought on “Staying in Good Health

  1. Thanks for this post resonated with me. Have sinus problems long standing. When I get home will follow it up with visit to my acupuncturist. Timely post!


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