Co-Creation for the New Year

We’re beginning a new year in less than two weeks and it brings me to the significance of the word resurrect which means to make all things new again. Perhaps a New Year’s resolution might be to make the choice of giving yourself permission to breathe new life into old energy patterns rather than imposing the same restrictions upon yourself based on old belief systems.

Most of us are waking up as the planet wakes up in this remarkable period of ascension, which I’ve made mention of in past blogs. Many people believe we are in dire shape on this planet, and that there’s no turning back. You’d have to be living in total denial not to see that we’re at the tipping point, at least environmentally. Humanity has obvious problems, but united in a higher vision for answers to world problems, we can implement solutions. What I’m talking about, is a personal and collective co-creation. We can add our personal, creative energy to the collective vision of humanity and therefore strengthen the likelihood of positive scenarios developing, or we can participate in our world’s de-evolution.

If we go into fear consciousness, and dwell on a negative world of wars, disaster, control, manipulation and propaganda, and if enough people carry that low vibration, the laws of quantum physics tell us we will perpetuate these traumas.

We all need to participate in bringing positive outcomes into manifestation. Many of us have been entrusted with the responsibility of creating a new society based on principles of higher truth. We began to really heed the call at the end of 2012. Keep this truth in your heart and in your consciousness no matter what negative events / ideas you may hear in the media or from close associates and friends. In fact, try to help those that are so discouraged to understand the power of thought in creating the personal and collective reality. Remind them they are a Divine Being of Loving Light. Help them wake up to their most important mission in helping rebuild this Earth, along with their fellow conscious travelers. It’s a great honor, isn’t it!

Have a joyous New Year – I’ll be back in communication after the holidays.


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