Getting Out of Quicksand

Finding a balance in life is something many of us struggle with. One of the areas of struggle I have found, and which you may relate to, is whether to take advantage of help freely offered by a wise and well-meaning person. Perhaps this could even form a relationship of co-dependency. Or, do you go to the extreme, and solve personal problems coming from an isolationist perspective? Let’s face it. We all need help at some time or other, and I suppose learning to accept help when appropriate is an integral lesson on our evolutionary path.

Without writing about the particulars, I will state that I am going through one of these pivotal times which can alter the way my life unfolds. A decision needs to be made as to whether to uproot my life from the comfort zone I have been accustomed to for a number of years, or jump into the void creating a new life, new circumstances, and with new people. I have a tough choice and many well-meaning friends have jumped in to help, sometimes with my asking and sometimes without.

I can liken this to an example I once read about. That is, if your best friend falls into quicksand, and you have no knowledge of how to help the person, you would most likely run and get help from someone who is more experienced, or you might dredge up your inner courage and ask for guidance from on high.

If you were the one in the quicksand, you would probably not say, “Go on ahead, I’ll find my way out. I don’t need any help.”   On the other side of the coin, if you were not in a life-threatening situation, even though somewhat challenged, you might not want to be too quick to run for help. Couldn’t this be a time to take responsibility for your own actions and learn new ways of coping from your own wisdom and intuition? Sometimes we do need to call for help, and knowing when to do this is an art. Happily, we all have contracts with our guides, and the benefit of the wisdom of our higher selves who are all eager to assist and help out. I think I’ve just answered my own question.


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