Loopies – it’s Not a New Cereal!

I was recently reading, controversial British author and speaker David Icke’s latest book entitled, “Human Race, Get Off Your Knees”. Excellent title as far as I am concerned. The book is a real eye-opener even for those who don’t believe in conspiracy theories. I think highly of Icke having listened to many of his lectures while living in the UK. He is an iconoclast and a brave man to have exposed government and corporate corruption at the highest levels. He is a David (no pun intended) amongst many Goliaths. He believes in equity in the world economy and certainly less governmental control.

Icke’s thesis rests on the idea that if you don’t have peripheral vision as to what is going on in the world today, than you get lost in what he called looping. Individually, he thinks of “loopies” as lost in a perennial fog. The “loopies”, according to Icke, have a closed energy system. He tells us we live in a closed system which extends to our universe, and I’m not going to go into the science behind it because if you’re interested, you can read his book and there’s certainly plenty of other material concerning this.

The majority of people loop or get caught up in the same old recording groove over and over again. This closed energy field is disconnected from being conscious humans.  “Loopies” ignore new insights and behave as if the insights don’t exist. This explains a lot about human behavior. “The loop is enclosed and intact because it’s a default position unless consciousness gets involved.”

Let me give you an example of a “loopie” person. This is a person whose knee-jerk reaction to hearing that there’s a correlation between vaccinations and the rise in autism in children would immediately go into denial to avoid breaking the loop of their consistent programming. A reflexive action would be to attack the messenger rather than to maturely deal with the message. “Loopies” like to maintain the status quo. If this person was more conscious and ready to break out of the loop, they might say, “Well, where can I find documentation about this, and tell me more before I get my kid vaccinated.“ “Loopies” defend the status quo and themselves all the time.

What can break the loop? – only consciousness and an unbreakable will not to conform to programs and ideas shoved down your throat by the global system of government, public agencies, medicine, science, education and banking. I think I’ve covered it.

Obviously, we are in a time of great challenge and controversy. We are in a time of fantastic awakening. As Mr. Icke says, “Get Off Your Knees!”


One thought on “Loopies – it’s Not a New Cereal!

  1. I saw David Ike in Oct 2014 at Wembly and subsequently read his latest book. A tremendous amount of information is given on this subject and is most enlightening. Thank you Laurie.


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