Circulating Energy

Many of us have been hearing how to manifest what we need or want from a variety of human potential speakers, some of whom draw from their own positive experiences, and others who parrot the leaders in the field. You can walk into most bookstores and find numerous writings on the Law of Attract and Manifestation. There are a lot of helpful strategies out there, and it’s hard to know where to focus if you are first exploring the terrain. Because I’ve done so much digging on the subject and can speak about it experientially, I wanted to write about a new way to look at manifestation from an energetic perspective. This was an insight from a human potential speaker by the name of Matt Kahn. You can find his talks on YouTube. The current one is listed as True Divine Nature. I am paraphrasing him here.

Energy is unbiased, and there are (stages) that any of us are in at specific times. Sometimes energy is stagnant, and therefore we are stagnating. This could have to do with any area of our lives, including as an example our job or a relationship. This is when you lash out at reality in one or more areas in your life. We act the worst when we are least aware of what’s going on.

The next stage of energy is circulation. This is about learning to make different choices that break apart patterns. Otherwise, he says we’ll experience some type of inflammation. We need to know how to circulate energy and break up the stagnation. As we have free will, it is up to us to deliberately shift the energy, and shake it up by doing something different or uncharacteristic of the way we usually deal with something. The other stage is Integration which is a point of healing and incubation.

As far as circulating energy, I’ll give you a small example of what happened to me today. With the idea of shifting the energy and trying to experience what Mr. Kahn meant, I chose not to confront a woman who, horror of all horrors, came into yoga class late and put her mat much too close to mine. This caused me aggravation in that I had to be totally conscious of not sticking my foot in her face. She would have known how I felt by the tone of my voice, if I had asked her to move or created a subtle encroachment on her mat to show her she crossed my boundaries. Instead, I took the higher road. I waited until class was over to gently commiserate with her about how uncomfortable it must have been to be squeezed into the small area. She beamed at me and then told me she usually takes dance classes. I nodded in appreciation and she invited me to a complimentary class. I changed the energy to one of circulation and there was an unexpected gift in it.

We need to be aware of where the stagnation is, and when we are doing things in the same way over and over. We must create new patterns at a higher vibration so everything below disappears. Isn’t it true that the ego is a creature of habit and undermines our greatest efforts? Outsmart it! Life will pay you back in a good way when you circulate variety into all corners.  Every day is an opportunity to check out what you can do differently. Every day try to make one new BOLD choice.


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