What We’ve Learned

Life is Wasted on the Young and Ignorance is Bliss are indeed clichés, but embedded in them is truth. What brings me to think along these lines is the adult, in their 40’s, 50’s, and even 60’s, who crosses my path, and who just can’t seem to get it together. Whether they are entirely self-involved, play the victim or the manipulator, never experience being in service to others, it’s all so boring. How can this be, I think to myself, feeling horrified, and pitying these people at the same time. How have they missed the boat?

I really don’t think you can build a valuable life until you’ve pulled together all the things you’ve really come to understand about yourself. Wouldn’t it be ironic if just about the time you’ve figured it all out, whammo, your body starts to go into meltdown and you couldn’t entirely enjoy or share the fruits of your wisdom? Unlike youth, whose strength is not earned so much as given as a gift from nature, we have a certain amount of time and energy to expend on changing the world – even in a small way. Hopefully, most of us will first find out who we aren’t. We could find out we aren’t the person we have always liked to project out in the world, using the mask that keeps us safe. We might find out that wasn’t really us. When we begin to understand who we actually are and what our true gifts are, then that is the time we can give so much back to the world.

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