Family of Light

Most of us, at one time or other, have questioned the purpose of why we’re here, incarnated on this planet that’s undergoing what looks like extremely tumultuous times. In fact, we are all involved in experiencing the painful process of the planet giving birth to a new life, call it the New Earth. Some of us have thought of ourselves as renegades, because we don’t see the world the same as most of the people we encounter. Some of us have experienced a lot of friction concerning this, but we intuitively understood we were on the path of spiritual evolution, and we were able to shrug off the naysayers hoping they’d catch up. We knew that those people who were not coded to understand might eventually have a spiritual epiphany, and we knew the time was drawing closer as we entered 2013.

Many of us have been considered eccentric, odd, and not grounded in reality. Welcome to the Family of Light! We refused to enter the fear-based reality, or the victim/victimizer game that’s so easy to slide into, where people felt they had little to no control of their lives, or were emotionally and mentally beaten up by people who thought they did.

Not long ago, many of us began to see that we had come here on special assignment. It was finally coming together. Sure, when we came into our bodies we had temporary amnesia. We forgot our mission for a while, and floundered around. But then, we started to remember. We understood that before we came into our body, we committed to designing events and meeting people that would fire our coding or blueprints, and we began to understand that there is a divine purpose, and that we specifically had a role to play in all of this.

Apart from the many talents we bring to the world and the knowledge we hold, I’m suggesting that as members of the Family of Light and as renegades, we came here to conquer our own fears and to show others that there is no reason to be afraid of anything. We are well known for going into systems of reality and altering the frequency and therefore bringing in information. Hurrah! We’ve arrived at the place we were meant to be. Now everyone, and I respectfully say this, “get busy and do your job”.


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