It’s in the Cards

The other day, I was visiting a friend in her art studio on one of those monthly Art Walks in downtown Sarasota. She created her own form of divination cards ( a type of tarot deck). To me, the inscriptions on the cards (and they were all different), looked like hieroglyphics mixed with Chinese characters. She explained that when she was practicing automatic writing, (words that flow from a subconscious source), she began to pick up the symbols and transcribe them onto paper. Thus was conceived her personal deck of cards. She felt the symbology she was receiving was an ancient language which she understood was not earthbound.  You may be interested to know that she began to interpret the meaning of the symbols so she could understand what was going on in her own life. Naturally, I found this very interesting, and I went for a test run. In my case, the two symbols I picked from the deck, and which she interpreted for me, had to do with patience and confidence. Those were the broad strokes. In a few minutes after hearing her reading, I began to understand the true significance of the cards.

My friend is an artist by profession so it was relatively easy for her to translate her vision to the deck of cards, but certainly harder to interpret what the symbols meant. I’m sure we can all do this in one form or another – not necessarily make our own deck of cards, but tap into knowledge from our higher selves through dreams or in meditative states. Automatic writing might be fun to try, and I believe if it’s done with a clear intention and with some discipline in other words, not randomly, it might be a great tool to have to garner vital information. It is another pathway into the unconscious. It is a way of divination and maybe a more interesting way then say, dousing with a pendulum for yes and no answers. I wonder what the eminent Swiss psychiatrist, Carl Jung, father of the idea of archetypes, the universal patterns and images that derive from the unconscious, would think of my friend’s deck.


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