Miracles and Neuroplasticity

The British Mathematician, J.E. Littlewood suggested that you should statistically expect one-in-a-million events, better known as miracles, to happen to you at the rate of one per month!

By Littlewood’s definition, what could be construed as a miraculous event is pretty commonplace.

Is it possible that we can expect miracles to happen on a regular basis? I suppose a miracle would be up to the individual to determine what they consider one would be. For me, it would be hearing a thank you from some of my more self-involved students, for others it might be getting an unexpected check in the mail to cover the mortgage. And, for others, as has often happened, it could be a spontaneous remission from a very serious disease.

For many, not experiencing miracles might just have to do with a lack of awareness. Gaining awareness and being able to interpret synchronicities is a great starting point.

Here again, as I’ve done in the past, I’d like to quote the eminent psychotherapist, Carl Jung. “Until you make the unconscious, conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.” Until you can decipher what’s hidden, you won’t be in control of your life.” Hmm, so now I’ve jumped from miracles to unconscious/conscious. How am I going to tie this together? It’s about taking conscious control of our thoughts to create miracles whether tiny or extraordinary. It’s about the act of deliberately creating miracles in our lives, by deciding what it is we want, putting the feeling and imagery behind what it is we want, and then taking some action toward our goal. Also, very importantly, we have to know when to get out of our own way and not sabotage our own progress based on past programming,

New advances in brain plasticity (Neuroplasticity) give us short cuts to creating these miracles regularly and avoiding the pitfalls of a sabotaging unconscious. These new technologies help us re-program the way we think. Even the simple process of using EFT, meridian tapping (known as emotional freedom techniques) help us to nullify negative emotions based on an event, and gives us an option to look at the situation in an entirely different way. More to come on this subject.

In last week’s blog, I mentioned a friend who does “readings” using the symbols/characters of what looks to be an ancient language she created. Please see blog for week of March 7th for explanation. Although she is located in Sarasota, FL, she also does readings via skype. You can reach AmorIyah at www.etsy.com/shop/freeyourjoy


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