The Merciless Prosecutor

I was hearing a story about someone I know peripherally, whose behavior in a particular situation did not meet my criteria for proper comportment for a lady. In itself, this is a ridiculous admission, almost Victorian. So, let me go on. This woman’s choice and ultimate action, as far as I was concerned, was immature and self-defeating, throw in a little de-basing. She obviously lacked self-esteem and I could hear myself tsk-tsking in my head as I made a non –vocal judgement about her. How could she do that and at her age…….!

I know better than to voice a judgement, because words have a specific frequency when uttered, and my words would have been all low. Bad enough I was thinking it, but I wasn’t about to wear a hair-shirt or flog myself in punishment for being the silent prosecutorial witness. We are everywhere (prosecutorial witnesses), and the courtroom is in our head. Our egos carry us on a relentless search for guilt, rather than for justice and compassion. In some fundamental way, it is easy for us to find others wrong, and do the silent tsk-tsk. After all, we wouldn’t have acted in THAT WAY! We wouldn’t have blown the situation, only to feel the sting of it later on. After all, we have too much wisdom, too much self- respect. Does it make us feel better to experience another person with feet of clay, and see them suffer? It must, because most of us do it all the time, in various degrees. We make judgements based on our own frailties, and the programs that run our lives.

Let’s face it. We are all interconnected, whether you get that statement on a visceral level, or have heard it said and are still pondering the stunning truth of it. Notice that the merciless prosecutor is an aspect of yourself, and when you come to this realization, your perspective takes a 180 degree turn.


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