That “AHA” Moment

Have you ever had a moment of Enlightenment, even with a small e? This happens when you suddenly discover something so new it gives you more clarity about yourself or a problem you may have been struggling with for a long time. If you search for a feeling state concerning this “AHA” moment, you’ll probably find that some, or all, of these dynamics were present.

* The idea came to you “out of the blue”

* You felt confident about it

* You felt immediately and intuitively great about it

* You loved thinking about it and had a hard time NOT thinking about it

We can learn to harness the power of this “AHA” experience to permanently change our beliefs about what is possible. It’s our emotional state, our feeling state, that transmits our thoughts and beliefs about what is possible into the universe. What I’m talking about is our inherent ability to manifest. This dynamic has been known for thousands of years. Yet, our scientific understanding is in its infancy.

As investigative reporter, Jon Rappoport says in his blog, No More Fake, “When a human being is asleep, which is to say, in a trance, he continues to create subconsciously because creation doesn’t stop.” Mr. Rappoport is suggesting that a person can be walking around and carrying on with life and yet in that trance. Unfortunately, for that person seeing reality all around, rarely understands that everything could be different by applying a systematic manifestation process such as I will describe.

* Be very clear about what it is you want. Make a list or even a vision board cutting out pictures/symbols or writing in affirmations. It doesn’t have to be a work of art but it will add thrust to your manifestation if you look at the board or think about the goal often.

* Use the feeling state you might have experienced in your “AHA” moment when you are visualizing the goal/desire. If not from the “AHA” moment then a moment you were happy and fulfilled.

* Believe in your ability to accomplish the goal without having doubts, because you are then placing yourself in a positive emotional state whereby you are congruent with what your conscious mind is asking you to do. You’re aligning internally.

You always get what you believe in, what you expect and what your feeling state is dwelling on.

We live in a universe that mirrors us perfectly.


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