Neural Re-programming and Consciousness

We live in a universe that mirrors us perfectly. We’ve all heard the expression, “Whatever a person sows, so shall they reap”. We usually interpret that statement in a moral sense to mean, if you treat someone badly, you’ll pay for it down the road. This also can apply to The Law of Attraction in that our feeling state is continually and unceasingly sowing the seeds of our future.

Our feeling state and our emotional tone is what is attracting and creating our lives at every moment. Therefore, there is nothing more important than concentrating on our feeling state on a continual basis. Knowing this valuable nugget of information can make or break our ability to manifest. That knowledge is what is infallibly creating our future. Bringing our feeling state into alignment with what we consciously desire is the crux of the matter. Another nugget is, if we have doubts that what we have asked for can happen, then we’re putting out a mixed emotional and energetic signal. We’re not congruent with what our conscious mind is asking for, and therefore we’re not aligned internally. Our brain is saying one thing while our heart is saying another.

To increase our level of belief exponentially, I will make a suggestion which has worked for me. I recently completed an online study course called, “The Systematic Manifesting Miracle: How to Use the Interval Design System” by Dr. Symeon Roger.

The Dr. proposes very helpful strategies making a big difference in attracting what we seek. He suggests dividing the day into intervals / specific time periods that are easily identifiable in terms of the persons, events and things in them.

1 Focus on the upcoming interval by being aware of when you are shifting from one interval to another (typically a shift would involve changing some combination of location, people or activities).

2 Define the duration of the upcoming interval (usually not more than an hour or two).

3 Define what you’d wish to experience in the interval. That would be anything you would like to do, have, or experience during the interval. It could be an outcome related to health, relationship, or career as examples. You simply want to imagine the outcome as vividly as possible for about a minute or so, and FEEL what your ideal outcome would feel like emotionally. Where do you feel it? That’s up to you. Emotions are not simply chemical reactions in the brain. They go far beyond and are also linked to neurons in the heart and stomach as well.

Very important: Document what you want in writing. This forces you to define what you want to experience. Once you put it down on paper, it’s no longer vague, and it becomes measurable. In this way, when you see results, your unconscious mind will not be fighting you anymore, and you can achieve congruency between your internal and external environment. Try it, you might be very pleasantly surprised at your results!


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