Neuroplasticity and 80 Billion Neurons

You’d thnk with 80 Billion neurons in the brain (that’s a scientific fact) firing off randomly, that we’d be lit up like a Christmas Tree – which is what you’d probably see in a brain scan. Each time we have a worry or a doubt, a brain scan would indicate the neuronal sparking in the right frontal lobe. This is where stress chemicals are released. Holding stressful thoughts actually damages your brain because the rest of your brain can’t tell the difference between reality and fantasy. That little nugget I’ve made mention of before. I’ve also stated that you can’t focus on a positive and negative thought at the same time. You can only do one or the other.

How can you get off negative thoughts in literally a minute? You can fool the brain if you take a word with deep meaning, a value word like love, peace, compassion, courage and keep focusing on the word while doing something pleasurable, even as simple as admiring the moon.   Brain scans will show the activity in the right frontal lobe where all the negativity was activating will decrease and you’ll be able to calmly think through a problem without the negative charge.

We have a choice. We can choose to focus on the worrisome ideas constantly generating in the right frontal lobe, or we can shift over and train ourselves to be deliberately optimistic. We can choose to ignore the negative, or we can interpret, observe, and transform any type of negativity going on in the mind.

Focusing on a “value” word and repeating it over and over again for a minute or so a couple of times a day, can change your brain in eight weeks as several studies suggest. One of these studies was done at Harvard University, and shows that by using this technique, it will turn on 1,200 stress reducing chemicals.

Another exercise I mentioned was yawning and stretching, slower and slower as you keep yawning. Fake a yawn if you have to. You’ll see how easy it is. By doing this, you are more in the present moment. You are observing your stretching and the muscles that come into play. In this present moment it is impossible to have worry, fear or doubt. Remember doubt and fear are nothing more than a memory you’ve pulled from a past event, and you’re projecting onto the future. It takes you out of the present moment.


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