Those Titillating Tabloids

It’s sometimes hard to admit to yourself that you’ve been peeking into those trashy magazines while waiting on the supermarket line. You know, the ones you’d never buy, but make fun of a friend who did, the ones that are contesting countless lawsuits because their fact checkers didn’t do their job. But, then there are one or two of these tabloids that look pretty valid. They at least have fabulous looking, albeit enhanced photos of celebs, with very bold and bogus headlines, like George and Amal: Irreconcilable Differences, Divorce Looming. Totally titillating title as you get sucked in and peruse the reasons for the split.

Then, there are magazines highlighting that very in-your-face family who is always in the media vis a vis one of the egotistical members of this very dysfunctional clan. You know, the very venal, spotlight seeking folks whose family name begins with a K and unsurprisingly have a huge following. As you get your perspective on this, after admiring the beauteous ladies in all their finery parading around with their augmented, or hormone induced body parts, you wonder why there’s all this interest in them. Why their major success? What do they offer to the world except some laughable little scandals, bad behavior and the opportunity for mind-numbing escapism! You might come up with the valid idea that their augmented body parts are interesting to look at, and their over the top lifestyle boggles your sense of reality. Or, when sanity returns, you might muse to yourself that these are people with huge egos, never mind huge anatomical parts!

Here’s the wrap up. An ego that wants something from someone else plays some kind of role to get its needs met, be they material gains or a sense of self-worth / power / specialness. What kind of gratification are these particular celebrities getting? Is it physical or psychological? We all know the ego thrives on others’ attention which is a form of energy vampirism. The ego doesn’t realize that the source of energy is within, so it seeks it from outside. Eckhart Tolle, in his book, A New Earth writes “the ego seeks attention in some form such as recognition, praise, admiration or just to be noticed in some way, to have its existence acknowledged.” Need I say more?

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