Whales in Distress

I recently was introduced to a woman who claimed to be shamanic healer. I am slightly skeptical of people who make claims of being healers but as they say, the proof is in the pudding. In this particular case, the woman put her money where her mouth was. Sorry for the two aphorisms but I think it appropriate in the circumstance.

This lady claimed she has been called to help by a specific organization concerned with helping whales and dolphins that have been washing ashore in horrendous numbers due to a type of sonar that the navy has been experimenting with over the past couple of years and which is tortuous for these mammals. It creates hemorrhaging in the ear canals and these vulnerable creatures lose their ability to navigate. Also, they are not procreating. The navy claims it uses this particular sonar to scan the oceans for potential “enemy” submarines. You can research this online if you are interested. We do live in dangerous times; particularly dangerous for the sea creatures.

My new acquaintance then told me why she is called upon to help, and it made total sense to me. Sonar has a particular frequency just as any disease does. If you know how to rise above that frequency, you can effectively nullify the negative effects.

The team goes out periodically to do just that; scramble and nullify the harmful (to mammals) frequency. Lately, because of the organization’s legal team, they have been able to stop the use of sonar during migration and mating season in the Pacific Ocean rendering safe passage for thousands of miles. So, the pudding proof was a video I was shown by this wonderful woman. It showed her calling/toning to the whales off the side of a boat and her video showed perhaps a dozen whales surrounding the boat in answer to her call. She explained she did this as she telepathically sent messages to the whales and used what she termed the frequency of love with them. If that wasn’t enough, you can see her jumping into the water and swimming with the whales.

I was fascinated and elated to see the video. I was also saddened that humans could create such havoc for these gentle creatures in the name of protecting our shores from foreign invasion. I do believe many people are becoming more conscious and understand the interconnection of all things. I do believe the frequency of love is prevailing, but I also believe we need to step it up and look at the wider picture beyond our everyday lives which we so easily get caught up in.


One thought on “Whales in Distress

  1. Laurie…so functionally and beautifully accurate is the phrase you used to describe the antithesis of disease, ” If you know how to rise above that frequency, you can effectively nullify the negative effects”. I really hadn’t considered that simple and true concept. How do we rise above those lower frequencies? By putting attention on the feelings and frequencies we want in our lives and by withdrawing attention from those frequencies we don’t want…thanks…Bernie


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