Patterns of Thought

It often surprises me how many people waste months, and even years, trying to figure out if something is possible, or if they can actually do it. This reluctance to forge ahead is just another subconscious self-sabotaging program because all you need to do, is decide to go ahead and do it.

When you try to figure out “is this possible?” all you’re really doing is creating delay. Either way, you’re simply going to attract evidence that the goal is either possible or not possible, based on your belief.

If your head tells you to doubt, you inevitably will find doubt in the world. If you think something is possible in your head, you will find possibility in the world. As within, so without, and either way, you get to be right.

As author and human potential speaker, Dr. Robert Anthony states, “We need to start out with a sense of certainty that we can accomplish anything that we put our mind to. The more certain we are about our ability to reach our goal, the easier it is to achieve it.”

Have you had the experience of someone telling you about a goal of theirs, and then you sense how uncertain they are about it? They say things like, “Well, I’m going to try this to see how it goes, hopefully it will work out.” This is evidence that the person is waffling and can’t make a clear decision. This also suggests that they’re not entirely committed to reaching their goal.

If that person is in your personal orbit, friend, family member, or work associate, are you likely to be motivated to help that person reach their goal? Probably not. Do you want to waste your time on someone who is not fully committed to the outcome of their goal?

But what happens when you sense total certainty in another person? Will you help them if they ask for it? I’ll suggest, you’re far more likely to help that committed person because you know that one way or another, they’re going to achieve their goal.

It’s my point of view that in most cases, we’ll feel energized and motivated to contribute to the success of people who are clearly committed to their goal. This process works the same way within our own mind.

If your conscious and subconscious mind are in conflict, do you think your subconscious, which is the creative part of your mind, will commit all its internal resources to your goal? Probably not!


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