Do You Want the Good Stuff?

What is it about some people who really are in service to others—discounting the late Mother Theresa—who are running a subconscious program of, “I don’t deserve to be remunerated for helping someone?”  This is an overriding thought even though the individual is supposed to be earning a living by helping others. I have to think that point of view is a lot of crap. Call me cold-hearted but really, it’s getting tiresome to hear people not valuing themselves enough to ask for what they deserve.

To take it a step further; I ask myself, “is it better to give than to receive?”  That old conundrum can be answered in another way.  How about,

 It’s better to be in a position to give then to be in a position when you need to receive. i.e. It’s better to be flush!

A few years ago, I took a seminar with T. Harv Eker entitled,  ‘The Millionaire’s Mind Intensive.’  To date, I still haven’t made my first million but he changed the way I think about myself and my view of prosperity. With a little prodding, I did come to the conclusion that the universe is trying to send us things all the time; even clients that pay what we’re worth.  Some things may be as simple as needed information, or even material things.  It’s just that many of us keep on saying, NO!  When this happens the universe sends it somewhere else. Here’s some self-talk that can put you in a better position to receive. Mr. Eker proved his point when he asked us (1,000 or so people in the audience) to stand up and repeat this phrase.

“Universe, if there’s anyone that doesn’t want the good stuff you sent, send it my way! Thank you.

Are we worthy?  It’s all in our mind he says. And, I’m sure you’ll agree.

Then, he had us all stand up again as he jokingly stood before us and told us to think of him as an ordained minister who could anoint everyone as being worthy. He said,

“By the power vested in me, I anoint you as worthy.”  And so it was for us and so it should be for you. 



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