Willpower-Is it all it’s cracked up to be?

I was speaking with a woman today who, in the course of our conversation, told me she was very frustrated by utilizing some methods she had learnt online concerning using the Law of Attraction for manifestation.  She was speaking to the right person although at the time she didn’t realize it.

I asked her what she was doing and apart from visualization and using affirmations, she was, “showing up.” Okay, I thought, those are all good starts. Apparently, she had her financial situation in order but it was the relationship factor where she was blocked according to her.  She was trying with all her might to find an appropriate partner by joining clubs, volunteering as an usher at the theatre and learning to play golf!  She spent so much of her energy in trying to find the right guy that I was exhausted after hearing about her doomed attempts.

One of the many programs we downloaded when we were young was that willpower was admirable. However, as we know, sheer determination sometimes just doesn’t cut it.

The futility of doing battle with the subconscious is a hard message to get across. We try over and over again to override the subconscious programs when things aren’t working and we find varying degrees of resistance.  Sadly, we are at a distinct disadvantage because, according to Bruce Lipton, Ph.D in his book entitled, The Biology of Belief, “our cells are obligated to adhere to the subconscious program. Tensions between conscious willpower and subconscious programs can result in neurological disorder.”

I didn’t mention the last bit of information to the woman because I preferred to give her some hope. What I did tell her was about the new modalities that reprogram previously learned behaviors and which are sometimes referred to under the umbrella of  energy psychology. Some of the better ones include Emotional Freedom Techniques, The Sedona Method, and the ancient Hawaiian modality I wrote about last week, called Ho’oponopono. You can find demos of Emotional Freedom Techniques on line as well as the Sedona Method if you google themTeTeBlog and you can check out Joe Vitale and Ho’oponopono or refer to my last blog.


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