Zombies and Things

I received a YouTube video the other day entitled, The Pokeman Pied Piper Zombie Apocalypse Has Begun. Quite a title. Never one to play games on my iPhone, I was still curious and became concerned for those playing the game after watching the video. It showed groups of what I consider mindless individuals stampeding to various locations to see holograms of fictitious monsters. I ask your forgiveness for calling you mindless if you are participating, but I’d like to express my thoughts on this matter.

I read that the game was developed by a CIA funded software front group with the purpose of using all the mobile device cameras of the unsuspecting public.  So, in fact, one could interpret this as citizen-assisted spying. The people behind this technology simply place a virtual monster into a pre-planned surveillance location and wait for unthinking Pokemon players to rush to the scene while they point their cameras at the monster target and it is up-streamed to that branch of government I mentioned.

Whether you resonate with the idea, or think it far-fetched, my interpretation is that Pokemon is just an insidious way to control people mentally, physically and logistically.  Perhaps you would consider the following info transcribed from websites including http://rense.com, www.jchiapppalone.com, www.beforeitsnews.com, www.forbiddenknowledge.com


Whatever is in parenthesis I have added to make a point.

“Note that the traps for energy exploitation,” (Pokemon App), “initially have their own mechanics to ensure their own survival. “

“They,” (the traps set by various collectives, organizations with hidden agendas) “have a pleasurable component which allows people to fall into them and make them want to get further involved. The beginning is drinking, gambling, drug taking smoking, sexual pursuits (dangerous/violent/mind-controlled videos and apps), always gets ‘kicks’ and highs from this activity.  They often have moderate success which encourages further involvement.” (more penetrating and dangerous artificial intelligence apps).

“It is only as the trap tightens that the true effects become obvious.  But, often this is too late. Too much energy has been drained or too much programming or pollution has taken place.”   In other words, for such an individual, the energy sucking trap has been successful. If the traps were not pleasurable and appeasing to the physical senses, obviously they could not lure any victims.

Anything on this level which leads to a physical self-satisfaction must be examined closely for the practice giving this satisfaction may be leading to programming and pollution and/or energy drainage. ”

Okay, I believe I made my point.  Just sayin……….

Tags:  Pokemon, Zombies, http://rense.com, www.beforeitsnews.com, http://www.forbiddenknowledge.com, Surveillance, Apocalypse


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