Releasing the Drama

Releasing the Drama

Did you ever notice that as long as you’re conscious enough to admit you have to change a behavior or a belief, someone or something comes along to show you how?  When you realize that you have kept up with unhealthy behavioral patterns you developed in childhood due to false beliefs indoctrinated by family, friends, and mentors, and you fervently wish to get rid of them, you’ll receive unexpected help. The healthy behavior you never developed as a child, when you were too hurt or too traumatized to do so, will be modeled by someone who was not hurt in that particular area as a child. This person will appear seemingly out of nowhere and slowly will lay the groundwork for you to behave as you would have wished to behave but were too wounded to do so.

Although many people don’t realize it because of what’s going on in the world stage, we are living in a time of limitless possibilities as the planet raises in frequency and we are ascending with it.  We have a choice now. We can continue on the slippery downward slope of dysfunction, irresponsibility, entitlement, narcissism and fear OR we can choose to break through to the highest possibility for life on Earth.  As the well-known speaker and author, Mary Ann Williamson so succinctly puts it in her book, ‘The Age Miracles’, “We can choose to stand in the light of a new sense of self.”  And to paraphrase her, we can let go gracefully of the people we’ve been and become more transcendent, or we can let go angrily while our lives become more bitter and chaotic.  

Exhale narrowness of thought and inhale magnitude. Exhale hate and fear and inhale love.

May we all find true peace.




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