It’s All in the Mind


I inadvertently singed the tips of my fingers today and I won’t bother telling you the whole ridiculous story but it got me thinking that when we emerge onto this planet, our mind has one job and that is to make sure we live a long and healthy life, free of pain.  We eat something that makes us very ill and assuredly, we won’t experience that food again; at least not without some trepidation. We touch a burner as I did and have our fingers blister within seconds and most of us will be extremely careful the next time.

Our mind is wired to find out what causes us pain and make sure we avoid it all cost. This is why when we over-do it on the buttered popcorn and vomit, we’ll probably avoid eating it that way again.

When you give your mind instructions to never eat popcorn in the same way and you have a visual of yourself vomiting which you inevitably will, your mind’s number one job is to see that you don’t drizzle too much butter.  Taking it to another level, consider what you’re thinking when you’re driving in heavy traffic and you’re saying to yourself, this commute is killing me. Or, this traffic is a nightmare. Or, my partner is strangling me by being so overprotective. Bottom line, the only way your mind can move you away from pain is by working out what pain is as your mind must listen to your language. Your mind listens because the words you use and the pictures you make in your head have a huge impact.  It you say this commute is killing me, your mind wants to move away from the pain and in order to do this, it figures out a way to get you away from it. That might be, getting you sick so you can vegetate in bed for a week and not have to face the horrific commute which is ‘killing you.’  Or, the relationship that is strangling you.  Or, how about the person who you think is a royal pain in the ass or in the neck. Is it possible that you will have those physical manifestations sooner or later? Certainly, it’s possible if we are constantly repeating negative words with their corresponding images.


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