Skewed Information

As the second presidential debate is about to unfold tonight and by the time you read this, it will most likely be over, it’s given me pause to think about the tricky times we live in. All is not as it seems. I am a bit squeamish about watching the debate because there’s obviously going to be some dirty fighting and the idea of humanity, truthfulness and compassion among the candidates will be tossed to the wind; each defending their points, each victimizing and abusing the other so that both look bad. All rather cringe-worthy but in some circles probably viewed as a rough and entertaining sport.  Undoubtedly, the candidates are going for each other’s jugular and the audience, as in a roman gladiator arena, will decide who lives and who dies metaphorically speaking of course.

As far as I’m concerned, we are all in a nebulous state in that so much information has been suppressed by what I, and a number of others, deem the controlled media. I’ve seen polls on what percentage of people have entirely lost trust in receiving accurate news, and it’s a big number.  It’s challenging to make a decision based on skewed information particularly now that so much is on the line with the presidential election and the race between two candidates that are flawed in their own way.  I believe it’s imperative that we vote with our ‘gut’ feelings and check out alternate news sites where you are more likely to get a better picture of what is going on.  Should you want some links, please comment on my blog.

We are walking across a bridge now and to successfully do this we still must go through a transition of discarding the emotional debris humanity has collected for eons of time. There are still aspects of 3rd density survival instincts, victim/victimizer role playing, ego games and thus dis-ease of mind, body spirit. We are in the process of leaving 3rd density and shedding our old ways. This is called the ascension process when we are attempting to move ourselves up frequency wise and attract better circumstances into our lives as well as becoming more conscious of the interconnection of all things.  But, we are still clinging on to some of our old habits which weigh us down.

At this juncture, I would say to attain a state of closure and move into the alignment of helping yourself along to higher states of consciousness, peace, and grace that we beware of the reactionary and that we allow ourselves to come into a neutral state without the emotional charge engendered by the deliberate use of fear, false rhetoric and histrionics; all of which we’ll be seeing at the debates.


One thought on “Skewed Information

  1. I saw some of the debate..I still am not aware of specific policies from Mr Trump I suspect that is due to this media only reporting the gaffs. My feeling is this is am fed up with self righteous people passing judgement. I am sure most of us have made sexist remarks. Does it negate the ability to govern? Most powerful men are full of testosterone it is what drives them as achievers. Now whether Trump is capable of being a diplomat and leader is another matter. Hilary on the other hand is quite beyold the pale in my opinion.

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