I Feel Your Pain


The day after the election, I had a date with some women to have dinner and see a play following the meal. I didn’t know these ladies as I had recently joined a theatre meet-up group. All I can say is, it was a pretty glum bunch. The election results had apparently shocked and saddened every one of them, and they restlessly played with their food and practically cried in their wine glasses. This was not a beer crowd. They were in despair for their future and those of their loved ones under the leadership of future President, Donald Trump.

Was this a time to be brave and courageous and calmly tell them that I had voted for Trump, I pondered.   Not if I was to remain intact.  They could take out their pitchforks and run me out of town.  Obviously, my core resonance was not harmonizing with this group of individuals wallowing in self-pity, anger and denial.  I decided to break free of the oppressive atmosphere and tell a couple of jokes; raise the frequency so to speak.  I bombed big time.

There’s always a lesson to be learned from any situation and after contemplating what in myself drew me to the people in this meet-up group who thought Hilary would be their savior, I was reminded that of course, there are no saviors.  Certainly, Donald Trump is not one. He has a few obvious faults but bless him as he negotiated his difficult service contract of  shining a spotlight on all the corruption seething under the surface within our govt., giant corporations, and even The Fed!   The list is much longer than that but I don’t want to belabor the point.

 Knowing what’s going on behind the scenes can mobilize us into action.  And, I believe Mr. Trump is a great mobilizer. Under his watch, I’m sure we’ll be viewing some disturbing dramas, but the bottom line is we can’t be overwhelmed by emotions which tend to polarize people and feed into the victim/victimizer blame game.

We are in the process of taking apart the control system that has kept many people clueless, disadvantaged, and hopeless. We are watching the shake-out of some very unsavory individuals and organizations that have not had our best interests at heart.

This is a time to be emotionally stable and self-aware for the good of all.  Each of us is part of the bigger picture; the collective consciousness if you will.  We can feed fear and separation or we can work together to create a better, more humane and responsible society. We can have a world where peace reigns, and that is hard for most of us to conjure up, or we can have more of the same controls foisted upon us with hatred, fear and bigotry ultimately taking us down. This is certainly a turning point and we are all at choice.

6 thoughts on “I Feel Your Pain

  1. I always look forward to reading your blog. However this particular one has lost me as a reader. We all can agree to disagree. But to dismiss or judge how your Theatre Meet Up Group was feeling? Seems you don’t know very much about Donald Trump. His fiery words that incited the corners of America, will end up choking him. Perhaps you might have shown some respect to them by not writing this particular blog.


    • Okay Kathy, As you stated, we can agree to disagree, It was quite obvious to me how my group was feeling and I hopefully tried to be an impartial observer of actions and words plus feelings. The air was heavy! . Did I sympathize, yes! But, honestly, I feel we need to align on all sides to make the necessary changes in order to survive. It is a momentum that seems to be happening all over the world and i believe it is a very positive thing. What we’ve been doing/experiencing thus far has only benefited a very few. We have so many changes to make for the good of all. Do I think Mr. Trump can help us here in North American which will impact the rest of the world. Yes, I believe we can step into a better future but certainly it will depend on all of us to play our parts and use our inner guidance to make decisions based on what’s good for all. That will be a radical change; a new paradigm of enlightenment. Thank you for your comment. I get very few and I am delighted that you take the time to read my blog whether you agree or disagree.


      • Hi Laurie,

        You’re my dear friend and certainly did not want to come across being harsh. But I so look forward to your Voyager Journey blog that never fails to show a brighter path to bring our spirits to a renewed balance and harmony. The situation was unpleasant, however, your remarks were out of character. Perhaps a lesson here is that when an unexpected situation arises, like this one you signed up for, it is OK to politely excuse oneself and go on your merry way. The meet-up-group or down-in-the-dumps group were too far gone in their dashed hopes to consider you presence.

        OX Kathy


  2. Yes, please share. Since I’ve lost my editor/tech person to illness, I’ve been trying to learn SEO and make sure I am at least getting the info out. Sometimes I fail! L


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