Zero Limits!

I was recently reading a book that I highly recommend and may be considered controversial in some circles. It’s entitled, Zero Limits. This extraordinary self-help book enters into new paradigms of dealing with the subconscious programming we all fall prey to. The book was written by human potential speaker, coach, Joe Vitale who often quotes his mentor, Dr. Hew Len. Dr. Len comes from a lineage of Hawaiian shamans and is a very wise man!

Here’s an amusing quote from Dr. Len.  “Have you ever noticed that when there’s a problem, you are there?”

The philosophy behind this galvanizing statement is that whenever you confront a ‘wrinkle’ in your life, you are participating in the creation of that problem and the participation is an internal event.

In other words, no blame game on external forces you feel contributed to your problem such as, “Oh no, someone hit my car in the parking lot and evacuated the scene, or Oh, no, I just got laid off from my job due to the weak economy, or Oh no, the plumbing system backed up and flooded my house. I have such bad luck!”

The whole idea is that when you take care of the problem from the inside (whatever belief systems and negative programs you are running), what you perceive on the outside will disappear. It will morph, change and disappear.

You may be asking, how can a huge dent on the side of my car disappear or the fact that I can’t pay my mortgage because I got laid off disappear, or the noxious fumes and ruined rug created during a backed- up sewer system disappear?  Obviously, the external predicament can’t.  But, what can is the perception of the emotionally destabilizing event through the power of going inside and by doing a very simple form of meditation/affirmation that is suggested in the above mentioned book, or online at

The technique is very results oriented and is called Ho’oponopono.  I’ve mentioned it in previous blogs and will reiterate that this ‘stuff’ is very powerful because it eradicates our negative core beliefs and false programming and gives us a clear space to create a different reality.  We raise ourselves from the ashes of uncertainty and fear by dissolving a problem(s) from within.  It’s not about changing anything in your outer reality although that can certainly be a by-product.

As the author suggests,” when anything looks like a problem out there, Ho’oponopono is what you want to take out  of your magic bag and run to the rescue with it.”  Check out the website and book as you may be very excited to find out how life-altering this information is. Questions/Comments, I’ll take them.

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