About Laurie


Laurie Roper, M.S. has been a coach and advisor to parents, teachers, and psychologists in the school systems of New York City and London, England.

She was a popular guest on radio in Long Island’s Hamptons, and in the tri-state area of NY, CT, and NJ, speaking about energy and consciousness, and the use of universal principles to create tangible results in your life.  Her spiritual mentoring empowers those she works with, whether one-on-one, in staff development groups for schools, or for private and corporate groups.

Laurie’s approach is to help you partner with your “inner guidance” to activate a core energy management system which helps you manifest what you want, and sets a template for emotional and spiritual freedom.

2 thoughts on “About Laurie

  1. I just whatch the ashayana deane interview from proyect camelot, I interested in following the Guardian Alliance teachings, is there any way to contact Ashayana Deane from this website?


  2. I
    I know Laurie Roper shon already 43 years ago.Unhappely I am in a bath-chair for invalidity and impossibility to move and see her.It’s a pleasure for me to translate her Emails even wether I have forgotten my word-pass/


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