Skewed Information

As the second presidential debate is about to unfold tonight and by the time you read this, it will most likely be over, it’s given me pause to think about the tricky times we live in. All is not as it seems. I am a bit squeamish about watching the debate because there’s obviously going to be some dirty fighting and the idea of humanity, truthfulness and compassion among the candidates will be tossed to the wind; each defending their points, each victimizing and abusing the other so that both look bad. All rather cringe-worthy but in some circles probably viewed as a rough and entertaining sport.  Undoubtedly, the candidates are going for each other’s jugular and the audience, as in a roman gladiator arena, will decide who lives and who dies metaphorically speaking of course.

As far as I’m concerned, we are all in a nebulous state in that so much information has been suppressed by what I, and a number of others, deem the controlled media. I’ve seen polls on what percentage of people have entirely lost trust in receiving accurate news, and it’s a big number.  It’s challenging to make a decision based on skewed information particularly now that so much is on the line with the presidential election and the race between two candidates that are flawed in their own way.  I believe it’s imperative that we vote with our ‘gut’ feelings and check out alternate news sites where you are more likely to get a better picture of what is going on.  Should you want some links, please comment on my blog.

We are walking across a bridge now and to successfully do this we still must go through a transition of discarding the emotional debris humanity has collected for eons of time. There are still aspects of 3rd density survival instincts, victim/victimizer role playing, ego games and thus dis-ease of mind, body spirit. We are in the process of leaving 3rd density and shedding our old ways. This is called the ascension process when we are attempting to move ourselves up frequency wise and attract better circumstances into our lives as well as becoming more conscious of the interconnection of all things.  But, we are still clinging on to some of our old habits which weigh us down.

At this juncture, I would say to attain a state of closure and move into the alignment of helping yourself along to higher states of consciousness, peace, and grace that we beware of the reactionary and that we allow ourselves to come into a neutral state without the emotional charge engendered by the deliberate use of fear, false rhetoric and histrionics; all of which we’ll be seeing at the debates.

Don’t Play That Program

Take the word habituation. The root word is habit. Obviously, some habits are positive and others get us into trouble or make our lives miserable. The definition of habitation is doing something in the same way over and over again.  As I said, sometimes it works for us like learning the times table in 3rd grade. The constant repetition helped us cement those tables in our mind and I think to this day, most of us will never forget the multiplication number sequences.

We all have behaviors that become repetitive, habit forming, habitual and if they become a deficit like thinking the worst in any given situation, or becoming wildly impatient on a supermarket line well, it’s time to rethink things and make life easier.  It’s time to get rid of those behaviors that are not supporting us. It’s time to create a new pattern through a form of repetition..


Here’s the key that goes into the lock.  When you observe a behavior that’s not supporting you, that’s the moment of freedom. If you see that you’re running a sabotaging program, you can say stop!  Don’t play this program, play something else. Every time that negative program shows up and you say to yourself, wait, stop, I have to cancel that, you’re creating a repetition of a new pattern. The more times you do it, the more the new pattern gets established.  The more the new pattern gets established, it overrides the old negative thoughts/beliefs and cancels out the negative program. The subconscious then stops the negative pattern from running. Habituation is what this is called according to neuro-biologist, Dr. Bruce Lipton in his highly acclaimed best selling book, The Biology of Belief.  “Habituation is a fundamental way of re-wiring the consequences of a negative program.”

It’s All in the Mind


I inadvertently singed the tips of my fingers today and I won’t bother telling you the whole ridiculous story but it got me thinking that when we emerge onto this planet, our mind has one job and that is to make sure we live a long and healthy life, free of pain.  We eat something that makes us very ill and assuredly, we won’t experience that food again; at least not without some trepidation. We touch a burner as I did and have our fingers blister within seconds and most of us will be extremely careful the next time.

Our mind is wired to find out what causes us pain and make sure we avoid it all cost. This is why when we over-do it on the buttered popcorn and vomit, we’ll probably avoid eating it that way again.

When you give your mind instructions to never eat popcorn in the same way and you have a visual of yourself vomiting which you inevitably will, your mind’s number one job is to see that you don’t drizzle too much butter.  Taking it to another level, consider what you’re thinking when you’re driving in heavy traffic and you’re saying to yourself, this commute is killing me. Or, this traffic is a nightmare. Or, my partner is strangling me by being so overprotective. Bottom line, the only way your mind can move you away from pain is by working out what pain is as your mind must listen to your language. Your mind listens because the words you use and the pictures you make in your head have a huge impact.  It you say this commute is killing me, your mind wants to move away from the pain and in order to do this, it figures out a way to get you away from it. That might be, getting you sick so you can vegetate in bed for a week and not have to face the horrific commute which is ‘killing you.’  Or, the relationship that is strangling you.  Or, how about the person who you think is a royal pain in the ass or in the neck. Is it possible that you will have those physical manifestations sooner or later? Certainly, it’s possible if we are constantly repeating negative words with their corresponding images.

Releasing the Drama

Releasing the Drama

Did you ever notice that as long as you’re conscious enough to admit you have to change a behavior or a belief, someone or something comes along to show you how?  When you realize that you have kept up with unhealthy behavioral patterns you developed in childhood due to false beliefs indoctrinated by family, friends, and mentors, and you fervently wish to get rid of them, you’ll receive unexpected help. The healthy behavior you never developed as a child, when you were too hurt or too traumatized to do so, will be modeled by someone who was not hurt in that particular area as a child. This person will appear seemingly out of nowhere and slowly will lay the groundwork for you to behave as you would have wished to behave but were too wounded to do so.

Although many people don’t realize it because of what’s going on in the world stage, we are living in a time of limitless possibilities as the planet raises in frequency and we are ascending with it.  We have a choice now. We can continue on the slippery downward slope of dysfunction, irresponsibility, entitlement, narcissism and fear OR we can choose to break through to the highest possibility for life on Earth.  As the well-known speaker and author, Mary Ann Williamson so succinctly puts it in her book, ‘The Age Miracles’, “We can choose to stand in the light of a new sense of self.”  And to paraphrase her, we can let go gracefully of the people we’ve been and become more transcendent, or we can let go angrily while our lives become more bitter and chaotic.  

Exhale narrowness of thought and inhale magnitude. Exhale hate and fear and inhale love.

May we all find true peace.



Zombies and Things

I received a YouTube video the other day entitled, The Pokeman Pied Piper Zombie Apocalypse Has Begun. Quite a title. Never one to play games on my iPhone, I was still curious and became concerned for those playing the game after watching the video. It showed groups of what I consider mindless individuals stampeding to various locations to see holograms of fictitious monsters. I ask your forgiveness for calling you mindless if you are participating, but I’d like to express my thoughts on this matter.

I read that the game was developed by a CIA funded software front group with the purpose of using all the mobile device cameras of the unsuspecting public.  So, in fact, one could interpret this as citizen-assisted spying. The people behind this technology simply place a virtual monster into a pre-planned surveillance location and wait for unthinking Pokemon players to rush to the scene while they point their cameras at the monster target and it is up-streamed to that branch of government I mentioned.

Whether you resonate with the idea, or think it far-fetched, my interpretation is that Pokemon is just an insidious way to control people mentally, physically and logistically.  Perhaps you would consider the following info transcribed from websites including,,,


Whatever is in parenthesis I have added to make a point.

“Note that the traps for energy exploitation,” (Pokemon App), “initially have their own mechanics to ensure their own survival. “

“They,” (the traps set by various collectives, organizations with hidden agendas) “have a pleasurable component which allows people to fall into them and make them want to get further involved. The beginning is drinking, gambling, drug taking smoking, sexual pursuits (dangerous/violent/mind-controlled videos and apps), always gets ‘kicks’ and highs from this activity.  They often have moderate success which encourages further involvement.” (more penetrating and dangerous artificial intelligence apps).

“It is only as the trap tightens that the true effects become obvious.  But, often this is too late. Too much energy has been drained or too much programming or pollution has taken place.”   In other words, for such an individual, the energy sucking trap has been successful. If the traps were not pleasurable and appeasing to the physical senses, obviously they could not lure any victims.

Anything on this level which leads to a physical self-satisfaction must be examined closely for the practice giving this satisfaction may be leading to programming and pollution and/or energy drainage. ”

Okay, I believe I made my point.  Just sayin……….

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Willpower-Is it all it’s cracked up to be?

I was speaking with a woman today who, in the course of our conversation, told me she was very frustrated by utilizing some methods she had learnt online concerning using the Law of Attraction for manifestation.  She was speaking to the right person although at the time she didn’t realize it.

I asked her what she was doing and apart from visualization and using affirmations, she was, “showing up.” Okay, I thought, those are all good starts. Apparently, she had her financial situation in order but it was the relationship factor where she was blocked according to her.  She was trying with all her might to find an appropriate partner by joining clubs, volunteering as an usher at the theatre and learning to play golf!  She spent so much of her energy in trying to find the right guy that I was exhausted after hearing about her doomed attempts.

One of the many programs we downloaded when we were young was that willpower was admirable. However, as we know, sheer determination sometimes just doesn’t cut it.

The futility of doing battle with the subconscious is a hard message to get across. We try over and over again to override the subconscious programs when things aren’t working and we find varying degrees of resistance.  Sadly, we are at a distinct disadvantage because, according to Bruce Lipton, Ph.D in his book entitled, The Biology of Belief, “our cells are obligated to adhere to the subconscious program. Tensions between conscious willpower and subconscious programs can result in neurological disorder.”

I didn’t mention the last bit of information to the woman because I preferred to give her some hope. What I did tell her was about the new modalities that reprogram previously learned behaviors and which are sometimes referred to under the umbrella of  energy psychology. Some of the better ones include Emotional Freedom Techniques, The Sedona Method, and the ancient Hawaiian modality I wrote about last week, called Ho’oponopono. You can find demos of Emotional Freedom Techniques on line as well as the Sedona Method if you google themTeTeBlog and you can check out Joe Vitale and Ho’oponopono or refer to my last blog.


I recently revisited a book that enriched me entitled, ‘Zero Limits’ by Dane D.C. Cordova and Dr. Hew Len. It’s about the ancient Hawaiian healing technique called Ho’oponopono. This is a wonderful transformation tool. The authors tell us that if you take responsibility for your life, then everything that you see, hear, taste or touch or in any way experience is your responsibility because, it’s your life.

Their claim is that life will always present challenges.  Don’t we know that!  And, they say, your get out of jail free card is the practice of Ho’oponopono.  The practice seems very simple at first as it’s the repetition of four statements. They are:

I love you

Please forgive me

I’m sorry

Thank you.

By saying these words, you are deleting subconscious programming and beliefs that sabotage you and that you aren’t even aware of.  The repetition makes your adventure through life easier as you are washing away the programs little by little and coming to a place of illumination/clarity. 

We probably all will agree that everything happens inside of us. And, the outside is just a reflection of our inner core. What experiences we are having, what people we are bringing into our life, what obstacles we encounter are ways to polish the mirror if we care to notice.  When you clean, and this means the repetition of the above statements, you clean the programs you have running and you become part of the solution.

Here’s the meaning of Ho’oponopono from the Hawaiian language.

Ho’o means to make do and create

Pono means balance, goodness, correctness, perfect order

On a deeper level there are three elements that we engage.

You are talking to yourself, your superconscious when you say, I love you

Forgive me- you are asking for forgiveness from the divinity within you. You are asking for forgiveness  for every person, place or circumstance which contributed to your feelings, beliefs and thoughts so not only are you healing yourself but you’re doing a wonderful service for others. 

I’m sorry- This is a form of transmutation in which the divinity within you overrides your intellect; the part of you that is programmed by the subconscious. You’re sorry for whatever programs are running within you that created the event or experience.

Thank you- For releasing this program from your being.

Final word. If an issue surfaces and it is in your awareness, gently focus on it and keep this awareness in your mind as you are saying the 4 statements.