A Puzzle Unfolds

I’ve been visiting with good friends who live in Sarasota, Fla. What intrigued me was watching them work on very intricate puzzles with hundreds, if not thousands of pieces. They are really into it and one night, the two of them politely asked me to join in the fun.  My immediate response was that I’d rather drink a bottle of castor oil. Different strokes….

I do recognize that by putting together a puzzle, you turn the pile of random pieces into a coherent whole and you’re also teaching yourself that order can emerge from chaos. Now, chaos leads me into the subject of what the bleep is going on in our world. So much polarity, so much fear and insecurity about the future and so much arguing about it. All this negativity is impacting many of us. It’s almost as if many have developed Post Traumatic Stress Disorder; that experience of lingering negative feelings that result from scary, out-of-control experiences and that limit us and make our lives smaller and completely combustible.

I don’t have a remedy for how to fix this although many politicians and corporate titans relentlessly espouse their point of views and seem to make it worse.  The only thing I can offer is sage advice from some of the experts in the field of neuro-science such as Bruce Lipton PhD. Anthony William author of Medical Medium, Derek Rydall, author of Emergence.

According to, Anthony William, “A way to heal our particular form of PTSD across the spectrum is to create new experiences to serve as positive reference points in our lives. The more of these we create, the greater our chances of putting PTSD behind us.”  He continues, “Every new experience plants a life-giving seed in a garden of nutrient-thriving weeds.”  As explained, the experiences don’t have to be monumental and they don’t have to look like much to anyone else. They could be as simple as putting together a puzzle, painting, learning a new language, starting a garden, taking a walk in nature or on the beach as is my case. These simple exercises help orient us in the present moment and have immediate effect on our state of mind because they make us wake up to the beautiful detail in the world around us that otherwise we wouldn’t notice.  All this helps clear out the clouds of negativity from our consciousness.

We’re told in Medical Medium that these types of exercises  pluck out one unwanted weed at a time to free up space in the garden of your mind.”  You are training your brain as though it’s a radio, to access a healing frequency that is always available.