A Puzzle Unfolds

I’ve been visiting with good friends who live in Sarasota, Fla. What intrigued me was watching them work on very intricate puzzles with hundreds, if not thousands of pieces. They are really into it and one night, the two of them politely asked me to join in the fun.  My immediate response was that I’d rather drink a bottle of castor oil. Different strokes….

I do recognize that by putting together a puzzle, you turn the pile of random pieces into a coherent whole and you’re also teaching yourself that order can emerge from chaos. Now, chaos leads me into the subject of what the bleep is going on in our world. So much polarity, so much fear and insecurity about the future and so much arguing about it. All this negativity is impacting many of us. It’s almost as if many have developed Post Traumatic Stress Disorder; that experience of lingering negative feelings that result from scary, out-of-control experiences and that limit us and make our lives smaller and completely combustible.

I don’t have a remedy for how to fix this although many politicians and corporate titans relentlessly espouse their point of views and seem to make it worse.  The only thing I can offer is sage advice from some of the experts in the field of neuro-science such as Bruce Lipton PhD. Anthony William author of Medical Medium, Derek Rydall, author of Emergence.

According to, Anthony William, “A way to heal our particular form of PTSD across the spectrum is to create new experiences to serve as positive reference points in our lives. The more of these we create, the greater our chances of putting PTSD behind us.”  He continues, “Every new experience plants a life-giving seed in a garden of nutrient-thriving weeds.”  As explained, the experiences don’t have to be monumental and they don’t have to look like much to anyone else. They could be as simple as putting together a puzzle, painting, learning a new language, starting a garden, taking a walk in nature or on the beach as is my case. These simple exercises help orient us in the present moment and have immediate effect on our state of mind because they make us wake up to the beautiful detail in the world around us that otherwise we wouldn’t notice.  All this helps clear out the clouds of negativity from our consciousness.

We’re told in Medical Medium that these types of exercises  pluck out one unwanted weed at a time to free up space in the garden of your mind.”  You are training your brain as though it’s a radio, to access a healing frequency that is always available.

Skewed Information

As the second presidential debate is about to unfold tonight and by the time you read this, it will most likely be over, it’s given me pause to think about the tricky times we live in. All is not as it seems. I am a bit squeamish about watching the debate because there’s obviously going to be some dirty fighting and the idea of humanity, truthfulness and compassion among the candidates will be tossed to the wind; each defending their points, each victimizing and abusing the other so that both look bad. All rather cringe-worthy but in some circles probably viewed as a rough and entertaining sport.  Undoubtedly, the candidates are going for each other’s jugular and the audience, as in a roman gladiator arena, will decide who lives and who dies metaphorically speaking of course.

As far as I’m concerned, we are all in a nebulous state in that so much information has been suppressed by what I, and a number of others, deem the controlled media. I’ve seen polls on what percentage of people have entirely lost trust in receiving accurate news, and it’s a big number.  It’s challenging to make a decision based on skewed information particularly now that so much is on the line with the presidential election and the race between two candidates that are flawed in their own way.  I believe it’s imperative that we vote with our ‘gut’ feelings and check out alternate news sites where you are more likely to get a better picture of what is going on.  Should you want some links, please comment on my blog.

We are walking across a bridge now and to successfully do this we still must go through a transition of discarding the emotional debris humanity has collected for eons of time. There are still aspects of 3rd density survival instincts, victim/victimizer role playing, ego games and thus dis-ease of mind, body spirit. We are in the process of leaving 3rd density and shedding our old ways. This is called the ascension process when we are attempting to move ourselves up frequency wise and attract better circumstances into our lives as well as becoming more conscious of the interconnection of all things.  But, we are still clinging on to some of our old habits which weigh us down.

At this juncture, I would say to attain a state of closure and move into the alignment of helping yourself along to higher states of consciousness, peace, and grace that we beware of the reactionary and that we allow ourselves to come into a neutral state without the emotional charge engendered by the deliberate use of fear, false rhetoric and histrionics; all of which we’ll be seeing at the debates.

Loopies – it’s Not a New Cereal!

I was recently reading, controversial British author and speaker David Icke’s latest book entitled, “Human Race, Get Off Your Knees”. Excellent title as far as I am concerned. The book is a real eye-opener even for those who don’t believe in conspiracy theories. I think highly of Icke having listened to many of his lectures while living in the UK. He is an iconoclast and a brave man to have exposed government and corporate corruption at the highest levels. He is a David (no pun intended) amongst many Goliaths. He believes in equity in the world economy and certainly less governmental control.

Icke’s thesis rests on the idea that if you don’t have peripheral vision as to what is going on in the world today, than you get lost in what he called looping. Individually, he thinks of “loopies” as lost in a perennial fog. The “loopies”, according to Icke, have a closed energy system. He tells us we live in a closed system which extends to our universe, and I’m not going to go into the science behind it because if you’re interested, you can read his book and there’s certainly plenty of other material concerning this.

The majority of people loop or get caught up in the same old recording groove over and over again. This closed energy field is disconnected from being conscious humans.  “Loopies” ignore new insights and behave as if the insights don’t exist. This explains a lot about human behavior. “The loop is enclosed and intact because it’s a default position unless consciousness gets involved.”

Let me give you an example of a “loopie” person. This is a person whose knee-jerk reaction to hearing that there’s a correlation between vaccinations and the rise in autism in children would immediately go into denial to avoid breaking the loop of their consistent programming. A reflexive action would be to attack the messenger rather than to maturely deal with the message. “Loopies” like to maintain the status quo. If this person was more conscious and ready to break out of the loop, they might say, “Well, where can I find documentation about this, and tell me more before I get my kid vaccinated.“ “Loopies” defend the status quo and themselves all the time.

What can break the loop? – only consciousness and an unbreakable will not to conform to programs and ideas shoved down your throat by the global system of government, public agencies, medicine, science, education and banking. I think I’ve covered it.

Obviously, we are in a time of great challenge and controversy. We are in a time of fantastic awakening. As Mr. Icke says, “Get Off Your Knees!”

Co-Creation for the New Year

We’re beginning a new year in less than two weeks and it brings me to the significance of the word resurrect which means to make all things new again. Perhaps a New Year’s resolution might be to make the choice of giving yourself permission to breathe new life into old energy patterns rather than imposing the same restrictions upon yourself based on old belief systems.

Most of us are waking up as the planet wakes up in this remarkable period of ascension, which I’ve made mention of in past blogs. Many people believe we are in dire shape on this planet, and that there’s no turning back. You’d have to be living in total denial not to see that we’re at the tipping point, at least environmentally. Humanity has obvious problems, but united in a higher vision for answers to world problems, we can implement solutions. What I’m talking about, is a personal and collective co-creation. We can add our personal, creative energy to the collective vision of humanity and therefore strengthen the likelihood of positive scenarios developing, or we can participate in our world’s de-evolution.

If we go into fear consciousness, and dwell on a negative world of wars, disaster, control, manipulation and propaganda, and if enough people carry that low vibration, the laws of quantum physics tell us we will perpetuate these traumas.

We all need to participate in bringing positive outcomes into manifestation. Many of us have been entrusted with the responsibility of creating a new society based on principles of higher truth. We began to really heed the call at the end of 2012. Keep this truth in your heart and in your consciousness no matter what negative events / ideas you may hear in the media or from close associates and friends. In fact, try to help those that are so discouraged to understand the power of thought in creating the personal and collective reality. Remind them they are a Divine Being of Loving Light. Help them wake up to their most important mission in helping rebuild this Earth, along with their fellow conscious travelers. It’s a great honor, isn’t it!

Have a joyous New Year – I’ll be back in communication after the holidays.

The Blueprint

Imagine the challenge of changing our world so we can live in peace and prosperity, and turn history around. Imagine we are set upon a new path of evolution. That’s what many people will be trying to accomplish as government representatives, economists, environmentalists, scientists, and strategic thinkers converge in Paris at the beginning of December. They will be meeting to discuss ways to head off environmental and economic collapse among other things I’m not privy to. It will take some kind of miracle to make this jump but miracles do happen. Ironically, as the excitement has been building about this upcoming conference, the heinous acts of terrorism masterminded by ISIS just took place and claimed many innocent lives.

What quantum leap will transition us from these acts of terrorism perpetuated by people with the most dense level of consciousness? How can we miraculously end these horrendous acts of aggression and expunge the thought forms of hate embedded in these people that are so lost and far from understanding love and compassion.

Perhaps we all need to pray for the success of the Paris conference, and perhaps we should call on God in our prayers to help us come up with the answers to the many problems that confront society today. There is a blueprint for our salvation and we all must look into our hearts to find it.

Free Will

Isn’t free will great?  We can choose what set of ideas and beliefs we want to experience in our reality. We can decide which ones limit us the most, and which lessons we need to learn. That would be the ideal way to change our lives – the awareness that we can use our free will, and a little creativity to alter our circumstances.  Do we choose to take the path that is littered with obstacles, and often failure, or choose the path most freeing to us emotionally and spiritually? It is always our free will choice to change our circumstances for the better.

If you want to believe everything in life is random, nothing means anything, and therefore life means nothing, then by all means choose the road to unhappiness and defeat. But, on the other hand, if you understand there is a God Source consciousness field which is eternal, and ultimately we come from there and go back there, we are making our lives meaningful, and empowering ourselves through this understanding, and because of  this, we are  making more elevated choices. Our choices can then have a very beneficial ripple effect on others.

Life is a reflection of our own beliefs and points of view. Our beliefs shape our experience – we are free to shape our experience anyway we want. If you think you are unlucky or accident prone, and things are out of control, you will be plagued by misfortune.  Is it really bad luck, or are you just living out your beliefs? It’s your free will choice to change the outcome, and understand we are not the victim of circumstance, but captain of our own ship.

An Expanding Universe

Human consciousness has no succinct definition, but according to some respected leaders in the human potential field, approximately one percent of humanity has had a conscious awakening. It’s probably more lately. This is due to the fact that our solar system has been traveling through increasingly high vibrational frequency zones for decades. The universe is expanding, including us, and “as the high frequencies increase and become more refined, all that is within this energy also becomes lighter and more expanded. This is happening in our consciousness, and we will have the opportunity of creating a deeper awareness of how we are all interconnected.” (The Vibe Report, Sept. 15, 2015 a message from Nancy Leilah Ward) There are enough awake people now who can hold and anchor the high frequencies.

Most of us explain things only from what we know, not what we don’t know. We have had to struggle to find formulas which will explain things in a context we understand. The world has been described to us through other people’s filters. Even the history of the earth isn’t true, and in the process we understand nothing is real. But, something remarkable is happening.

We have reached the point where this new consciousness has been received by tens of thousands of humans. We can see it happening all over the world as people refuse to live in submission to tyrannical governments, draconian rules, and financial crackdowns. Many are pushing the envelope that will affect all humanity. In order to do this we must understand that we can control what happens on the planet by controlling our own consciousness. It’s almost an exponential revolution that builds on itself.

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