I Feel Your Pain


The day after the election, I had a date with some women to have dinner and see a play following the meal. I didn’t know these ladies as I had recently joined a theatre meet-up group. All I can say is, it was a pretty glum bunch. The election results had apparently shocked and saddened every one of them, and they restlessly played with their food and practically cried in their wine glasses. This was not a beer crowd. They were in despair for their future and those of their loved ones under the leadership of future President, Donald Trump.

Was this a time to be brave and courageous and calmly tell them that I had voted for Trump, I pondered.   Not if I was to remain intact.  They could take out their pitchforks and run me out of town.  Obviously, my core resonance was not harmonizing with this group of individuals wallowing in self-pity, anger and denial.  I decided to break free of the oppressive atmosphere and tell a couple of jokes; raise the frequency so to speak.  I bombed big time.

There’s always a lesson to be learned from any situation and after contemplating what in myself drew me to the people in this meet-up group who thought Hilary would be their savior, I was reminded that of course, there are no saviors.  Certainly, Donald Trump is not one. He has a few obvious faults but bless him as he negotiated his difficult service contract of  shining a spotlight on all the corruption seething under the surface within our govt., giant corporations, and even The Fed!   The list is much longer than that but I don’t want to belabor the point.

 Knowing what’s going on behind the scenes can mobilize us into action.  And, I believe Mr. Trump is a great mobilizer. Under his watch, I’m sure we’ll be viewing some disturbing dramas, but the bottom line is we can’t be overwhelmed by emotions which tend to polarize people and feed into the victim/victimizer blame game.

We are in the process of taking apart the control system that has kept many people clueless, disadvantaged, and hopeless. We are watching the shake-out of some very unsavory individuals and organizations that have not had our best interests at heart.

This is a time to be emotionally stable and self-aware for the good of all.  Each of us is part of the bigger picture; the collective consciousness if you will.  We can feed fear and separation or we can work together to create a better, more humane and responsible society. We can have a world where peace reigns, and that is hard for most of us to conjure up, or we can have more of the same controls foisted upon us with hatred, fear and bigotry ultimately taking us down. This is certainly a turning point and we are all at choice.

Self-Defeating Programs

We all know one of Donald Trump’s favorite default statements when he can’t articulate something significant is, “You’re a loser”, or he/she is a loser. This brings me to the subject of the subliminal programs that many people hold, but would probably be shocked to find out. That program is entitled, I’m a loser!

Many people are running that sad, little loser program unconsciously because they have been told that they are losers by someone who holds power over them or whom they respect. This often happens when they are very young and impressionable. Afterwards, they will go through life creating experiences that indeed show them up as a loser. This validating experience will only make people believe more and more strongly that they are a loser and the more it’s believed, the more experiences individuals will have confirming it or perpetuating the cycle.  That is only one example of the self-defeating programs that ensnare us into making poor choices. Here are some more self-sabotaging programs:

I’ll always be alone, I don’t deserve happiness, I’m not smart enough, I have to work so hard for my money,

Now, I wouldn’t write about something as destructive as these subconscious programs without shedding some light at the end of the tunnel.  The way to break the cycle is extremely simple although it may not be easy. You just need to change your thinking.  So say quite a number of highly regarded writers/speakers in the human potential field.

As we know, our thinking is highly influenced by our feelings, which are created out of our subconscious software.  If we are on overwhelm due to emotional turbulence in our lives, and can’t help but think negatively all the time, it would seem impossible to start thinking positively. At those particular times, we need to be able to fix the subconscious bugs to relieve the intensity of the negative feelings and overwhelm.

No matter how justified your negative thinking may be, it doesn’t change the fact that it is creating and manifesting even more negative circumstances and experiences in your life.  This is where the part that is isn’t easy comes in.  You have to work with the subconscious to literally turn down the volume on your pain and negatively to give you a fighting chance to think more positively. You have to find some way to reverse the negative thinking.

There are various techniques to help you do this such as affirmations and mantras for reprogramming or Emotional Freedom Techniques, (tapping on median points on the body), mindfulness meditations, walking in nature, and Hoʻoponopono which I’m copying here from a previous blog. Think of the problem and say:

1-  I’m sorry – We are apologizing for the stuck energy between an individual and or / experience, and not recognizing the interconnection of all.

2-   Please forgive me – Offering peace to the energy field and multi-dimensional body

3-  I love you – I replace the belief of absence of love with love, and my conscious participation in the collective oneness, while directing this energy to all parts of me.

4- Thank You – I’m grateful for the lessons and opportunities to be able to participate within the field of collective oneness, while directing energy of love and gratitude into muscles, cells (mind, body spirit)

The Donald Scores Again!

As I watch the political drama going on in the media, I find the majority of candidates on both sides don’t seem to understand the concept of truth, honor, and authenticity.  It seems so many are consumed by greed, abuse and fear.

A lack of morality, and sense of entitlement, seem distressing.  However, things are rapidly changing.  We can feel it and experience it as we see people waking up all over the world and demanding justice and an end to violence and corruption.

One of the concepts spiritually conscious people understand is that, whether in business or personal matters, we have to let go of thoughts, prejudice, and words that disparage or limit others.  It is imperative that we refrain from using negative generalities.   As an example, take the speech Donald Trump made about Mexican people coming across the border.  We heard his speech interpreted by a variety of media outlets, unless you were living in a cave or out of the county where it wasn’t pressing news.

I suggest, it’s up to us to take the high road, and refrain from using negative comments about nationality, race, or gender, and use only thoughts and words of honoring and compassion.

Yes, we have a hard time of it as we let slip a judgement here or there, and we certainly we have lots of negative thoughts during the course of a day.  We’re human after all, and programmed to think negatively.

Pay attention to the voice of judgement and negative ego.  Then, simply change the thought in your mind. It is said you have around 15 seconds to change a thought pattern before it begins to imbed itself in your unconscious.  Try taking a few deep breaths and deliberately create a positive thought and bring your frequency up immediately.  Take yourself out of self-imposed bondage and remove the shackles of the primitive fear of survival.  Spread the light. It would be a great service to others and to yourself.