The Case of the Finial

My friend, a sales associate at a well-known home furnishings store was recently stalked by an irrational woman whose venomous insults were promulgated by a simple and polite request to desist from taking the finials (those cute little decorative nobs that screw into the top of lamps).  After unscrewing them she put them in her pocket. This was the beginning of my  friend having to deal with an emotionally disturbed woman whose thrill in life seemed to have been victim/victimizer role playing.

As the story goes, my friend, who I’ll call Alice to protect her identity from the finial thief, makes sure merchandise goes back to the proper shelves unbroken, unmolested and unpilfered by the seething crowds who come in for the great bargains. Alice encountered some flack lately in the guise of a lady with a true sense of entitlement, not to mention sticky fingers.  Alice asked the shopper to please stop removing the finials. To anyone’s eyes, she looked like a thief and when politely asked (as in management policy) to please put the finials back on the respective lamps, the woman began throwing very colorful, cringe-worthy language at Alice.

In shock, Alice walked off to report the incident to the manager of the store and when the thief in question processed the Big Picture, she quickly threw the finials back on the ground and walked out of the store in a huff yelling that she’d be back soon to “straighten that bitch out.” One could only think she meant my friend.  And, back she came the next day to wreak more vengeance.

Now, why do I tell this narrative?  Incidences of much greater import happen on a daily basis to many of us. I count road rage in that category.  I would find it quite difficult to say a kind word to an individual who cuts me off and gives me the finger because I’m driving 5 miles below the speed limit.  I realize saying a kind word sometimes neutralizes the situation and is a powerful tool when you think about it but it really is hard to get your mouth and your emotional body around the idea.

Angry, irrational, and rude people will test the stamina of many of us because to acknowledge another individual’s humanity is often outside our comfort zone, particularly when we feel attacked.  Yet, it is probably the most powerful opportunity to generate change within ourselves.  The more of us that invest in this type of behavior –that of kindness and forgiveness—invokes a field resonance. As it expands from one individual to the next, the resonance increases. It has a ripple effect that seems to grow in strength.

Many of us understand that the frequency of the planet is rising and anyone who is still asleep will get a little nudge to awaken from their ‘fog.’  These individuals become touched. Perhaps these people may define this as a personality crisis as their belief structures are altered and they are suddenly confused. Call it cognitive dissonance as they will experience a feeling of well-being out of nowhere. This is probably quite confusing for a person who has been beaten down throughout their lives and most likely very helpful for people who have been traumatized or who live in perpetual fear.  This is a time of increasing responsibility for those of us to do what we are here to do which is to create a more loving and harmonious world as we transition to a more conscious society.

Whales in Distress

I recently was introduced to a woman who claimed to be shamanic healer. I am slightly skeptical of people who make claims of being healers but as they say, the proof is in the pudding. In this particular case, the woman put her money where her mouth was. Sorry for the two aphorisms but I think it appropriate in the circumstance.

This lady claimed she has been called to help by a specific organization concerned with helping whales and dolphins that have been washing ashore in horrendous numbers due to a type of sonar that the navy has been experimenting with over the past couple of years and which is tortuous for these mammals. It creates hemorrhaging in the ear canals and these vulnerable creatures lose their ability to navigate. Also, they are not procreating. The navy claims it uses this particular sonar to scan the oceans for potential “enemy” submarines. You can research this online if you are interested. We do live in dangerous times; particularly dangerous for the sea creatures.

My new acquaintance then told me why she is called upon to help, and it made total sense to me. Sonar has a particular frequency just as any disease does. If you know how to rise above that frequency, you can effectively nullify the negative effects.

The team goes out periodically to do just that; scramble and nullify the harmful (to mammals) frequency. Lately, because of the organization’s legal team, they have been able to stop the use of sonar during migration and mating season in the Pacific Ocean rendering safe passage for thousands of miles. So, the pudding proof was a video I was shown by this wonderful woman. It showed her calling/toning to the whales off the side of a boat and her video showed perhaps a dozen whales surrounding the boat in answer to her call. She explained she did this as she telepathically sent messages to the whales and used what she termed the frequency of love with them. If that wasn’t enough, you can see her jumping into the water and swimming with the whales.

I was fascinated and elated to see the video. I was also saddened that humans could create such havoc for these gentle creatures in the name of protecting our shores from foreign invasion. I do believe many people are becoming more conscious and understand the interconnection of all things. I do believe the frequency of love is prevailing, but I also believe we need to step it up and look at the wider picture beyond our everyday lives which we so easily get caught up in.

The Merciless Prosecutor

I was hearing a story about someone I know peripherally, whose behavior in a particular situation did not meet my criteria for proper comportment for a lady. In itself, this is a ridiculous admission, almost Victorian. So, let me go on. This woman’s choice and ultimate action, as far as I was concerned, was immature and self-defeating, throw in a little de-basing. She obviously lacked self-esteem and I could hear myself tsk-tsking in my head as I made a non –vocal judgement about her. How could she do that and at her age…….!

I know better than to voice a judgement, because words have a specific frequency when uttered, and my words would have been all low. Bad enough I was thinking it, but I wasn’t about to wear a hair-shirt or flog myself in punishment for being the silent prosecutorial witness. We are everywhere (prosecutorial witnesses), and the courtroom is in our head. Our egos carry us on a relentless search for guilt, rather than for justice and compassion. In some fundamental way, it is easy for us to find others wrong, and do the silent tsk-tsk. After all, we wouldn’t have acted in THAT WAY! We wouldn’t have blown the situation, only to feel the sting of it later on. After all, we have too much wisdom, too much self- respect. Does it make us feel better to experience another person with feet of clay, and see them suffer? It must, because most of us do it all the time, in various degrees. We make judgements based on our own frailties, and the programs that run our lives.

Let’s face it. We are all interconnected, whether you get that statement on a visceral level, or have heard it said and are still pondering the stunning truth of it. Notice that the merciless prosecutor is an aspect of yourself, and when you come to this realization, your perspective takes a 180 degree turn.

The Heart’s Intuitive Intelligence

For a number of years, I’ve been reading articles and using tools and technologies devised by some brilliant scientists at the Institute of Heart Math.  These scientists have uncovered life altering information regarding the science of the heart.

The institute is an internationally recognized nonprofit research and education organization dedicated to helping people reduce stress, self-regulate emotions, and build energy and resilience for healthier lives.  In a nutshell, they teach people to rely on the intelligence of their hearts, in connection with their minds, in any area of life, from work to family and relationships.  Their scientists have proved that the heart plays an important role far beyond what is commonly known and that it emits electromagnetic fields that change according to the emotions.

I am writing about this because by understanding some basic premises about the heart, you can boost your immune system by conjuring up positive emotions.  It has been proven that positive emotions create physiological benefits in our bodies.  On the other side of the coin, you might not know that negative emotions can create nervous system chaos.  Positive emotions do the complete opposite.  You can go online for information and published papers at  Studies from the Institute show that it’s critical for many of us to change the way we feel inside.  “Not much can be accomplished from a place of sadness, angst, sorrow and depression.  Our current human experience, the everyday life we all seem to participate in, does indeed take its toll on many.”

A lot of people are feeling that living the lifestyles we do, struggling to pay bills and constantly working to afford a preferred way of life, is not a natural type of existence for the human race.  “It’s an experience which makes it hard to maintain a “high frequency” or positive state for some.”  It doesn’t have to be this way because we are capable of so much more.  Naturally, it becomes more and more difficult to maintain a positive state of mind when we see so many personal tragedies and the degrading of our planet.  Obviously, things need to change, but we can’t change what we would like to without first changing ourselves and coming from a positive, peaceful state.

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A BIG Consciousness Shift is Upon Us

I was thinking about the horrendous act of violence perpetrated against the 12 victims at the Paris office of Charlie Hebdo, not to mention the slaying of 4 other innocent victims who were in the wrong place at the wrong time.  We’ve beheld many unconscionable acts of violence throughout the world but this event seemed to be a turning point as it brought probably millions (even though it hasn’t been reported as quite that large a number) to the streets on multiple continents in solidarity for the victims.  But, more than that, it was a statement of people wanting to end prejudice and antipathy towards others of different faiths and ideologies.  It was a statement to say, “we will not accept this violence and hatred anymore and we are united in our desire for a peaceful and safe world.

We are now in very unusual times due to a higher frequency coming into the planet galactically.  Those of you that have not read about it – and info is plentiful now and has even been commented on by members of the scientific community – please respond at the end of the blog and I will give you websites to check out next time.

So, with this new frequency available to all of us, we see an energy separation happening amongst the human race.  We see this energy creating insanity amongst specific groups of people that incite them into rage very easily.  We see many people just losing it, being swept away by negative forces.  It is quite unpleasant to observe as people become disconnected from their true essence or some may call it the Christ spirit within. Whatever you name it, it is our individual connection to source that seems, for some, to be cut off.

Many of us will see radical changes in the way we think and how our life evolves with this new frequency.  A major 26,000 year cycle has ended and we can now avail ourselves of the new energies on the planet to create more productive and empowering lives. As said, we are completing one cycle and going into an ascension cycle as we ride the wave with the planet.  Be aware of your thoughts, the words you speak and the subliminal programs of lack or self-sabotage that ran your program in the past.  Ask for help and guidance if you are troubled, and more than likely, you will receive it in unexpected ways.  Now is the time to fulfill your dreams with your intention and focus.

What’s Frequency Got to do With it?

Many people are having consciousness shifts due to the fact that we are anchoring more refined frequency into the planet, and we are actually becoming less dense anatomically. As these frequencies come into the planet, our biologies are starting to activate.

It’s sometimes a slippery slope to navigate, as oftentimes we can’t relate to people, including family members or friends. This is because we are activating at different rates. What may help is to take the position that we came here onto the earth plane to learn lessons and to heal. We deliberately chose our family members because they had the best tools and information concerning what we needed in order to fulfill our soul’s agreement, and to strengthen and build our character even though it was oftentimes painful.

So – be in deep gratitude to your friends and family, to your annoying relatives, kids, or your boss. Without them we couldn’t learn the lessons of acceptance, non-judgement, and unconditional love. How else can we polish off the gems that we all are? How else can we become more conscious human beings?

More on Ascension

In last week’s blog I was discussing ascension, and I mentioned a jump in time cycles and frequencies during the process. Where and how you make the jump, depends upon your frequency accretion, and thus your level of consciousness.

There was an original instruction set or blueprint of our DNA when we incarnated into the 3rd dimension, which is like a lattice of pure liquid crystal. It is called the Divine Blueprint. Some people’s DNA has been dormant (consider the fact that we have the potential for multiple strands of activated DNA). Some DNA has been tampered with, which changes the instruction set. Crystal is a perfect transmitter and receiver of energetic resonance and gives us the ability to perceive incrementally large amounts of consciousness in the upper dimensions. Our variable consciousness also locks us in to fixed points in time and space. “As we wake up to our higher levels of consciousness, we have the ability to access more of our spiritual / energetic blueprint, and we continue to move our frequency location forward through time.” Lisa Renee for

Unified Field Physics tells us that as we have many different identities, or parts of ourselves, located in multiple dimensions, our ultimate goal is to connect with higher vibrating aspects of ourselves. We are collecting fragments of our other identities, and merging them as we access more refined levels of our creative intelligence, while liberating ourselves from the space / time continuum of earth. There’s a lot out there that we are first beginning to understand. We certainly are not finite beings. Our birthright is a divine blueprint. Let’s reclaim it!