A Jesuit Maxim

There is a Jesuit maxim that states, “Give me a child for his first seven years and I’ll give you the man.”

It seems the Jesuits were keenly aware that a child was very malleable until the age of 7. It is unsettling to think that young people could be so easily manipulated particularly when a theta trance state is induced. I’m not suggesting there was evil intent by the Jesuits,  but rather a hypnotic state was accelerated through multiple ways such as voice tone, music, and repetition of phrases.  Therefore, the Jesuits were able to ‘slide in’ church dogma into the young, subconscious mind. Once it was programmed, the info would inevitably influence 95% of that child’s behavior for the rest of his or her life whether negative or positive.

Many of us, except the few who miraculously escaped some heavy duty negative programming, had beliefs of parents/ guardians/ relatives/religious leaders downloaded into our subconscious minds when we were children. I’m not accusing your family of poisoning your mind, of course. They probably did the best they could with the beliefs, and programming they inherited through generations. Again, per the Jesuit Order, a child’s perceptions of the world is directly downloaded into the subconscious during the first 6-7 years of life.

A child’s mind has no filters of the analytical self-conscious mind because it is not fully operational during these formative years. Thus, perceptions about life are learned without having the ability to choose or reflect on those beliefs.   “Since, as said,  the subconscious mind controls about 95% of our behavior this raises serious questions about our mental health and what/how we are acting out or repressing,

There are many resources to help you with negative beliefs that you are acting on without conscious knowledge. Some of them I’ve mentioned in previous blogs. There is no one resource that works for everyone but I am going to suggest one that was highly recommended by author, behavioral scientist, and well-known human potential speaker, Bruce Lipton, Ph.D.  In his book, “The Biology of Belief,” which has been a New York Times best seller, he suggests a very potent energy psychology technique called PSYCH-K.  He claims he has been using it for years and attributes his great success to it. He claims it can change long-standing limiting beliefs in minutes. The technique uses the mind-body interface of muscle-testing (Kineseology) to access self-limiting beliefs and those self-sabotaging files we have unknowingly down-loaded. It also makes use of left-brain, right-brain integration to effect swift and long lasting change leading to a balanced brain wave pattern.

The website address should you be interested is www.PSYCH-K.com

Here is an affirmation I do from time to time and if it comes from the heart, I do believe is very powerful. You can find that affirmation and many more high frequency thoughts/affirmations in Joe Vitale’s book entitled, At Zero. See previous blog.  He tells how/why to use the ancient Hawaiian technique for clearing subconscious programming called Ho’oponopono.

“I ask for forgiveness of any wrong doing consciously or unconsciously from the past to the present in myself and my ancestors; to them and their predecessors, all the way back to the beginning of time and micro-biotic life.”

I wish you joy and peace in the New Year.

Zero Limits!

I was recently reading a book that I highly recommend and may be considered controversial in some circles. It’s entitled, Zero Limits. This extraordinary self-help book enters into new paradigms of dealing with the subconscious programming we all fall prey to. The book was written by human potential speaker, coach, Joe Vitale who often quotes his mentor, Dr. Hew Len. Dr. Len comes from a lineage of Hawaiian shamans and is a very wise man!

Here’s an amusing quote from Dr. Len.  “Have you ever noticed that when there’s a problem, you are there?”

The philosophy behind this galvanizing statement is that whenever you confront a ‘wrinkle’ in your life, you are participating in the creation of that problem and the participation is an internal event.

In other words, no blame game on external forces you feel contributed to your problem such as, “Oh no, someone hit my car in the parking lot and evacuated the scene, or Oh, no, I just got laid off from my job due to the weak economy, or Oh no, the plumbing system backed up and flooded my house. I have such bad luck!”

The whole idea is that when you take care of the problem from the inside (whatever belief systems and negative programs you are running), what you perceive on the outside will disappear. It will morph, change and disappear.

You may be asking, how can a huge dent on the side of my car disappear or the fact that I can’t pay my mortgage because I got laid off disappear, or the noxious fumes and ruined rug created during a backed- up sewer system disappear?  Obviously, the external predicament can’t.  But, what can is the perception of the emotionally destabilizing event through the power of going inside and by doing a very simple form of meditation/affirmation that is suggested in the above mentioned book, or online at www.zerolimits.info.

The technique is very results oriented and is called Ho’oponopono.  I’ve mentioned it in previous blogs and will reiterate that this ‘stuff’ is very powerful because it eradicates our negative core beliefs and false programming and gives us a clear space to create a different reality.  We raise ourselves from the ashes of uncertainty and fear by dissolving a problem(s) from within.  It’s not about changing anything in your outer reality although that can certainly be a by-product.

As the author suggests,” when anything looks like a problem out there, Ho’oponopono is what you want to take out  of your magic bag and run to the rescue with it.”  Check out the website and book as you may be very excited to find out how life-altering this information is. Questions/Comments, I’ll take them.